Essay on Atomic Energy and its Uses

By | January 1, 2019

“With the growing needs and demands of the world population atomic energy may provide the best solutions to our energy problems in the future.”

When the atom is broken up, a lot of energy is produced. This atomic energy has been used for destructive as well as constructive purposes. The first well-known destructive use was the making of the atom bomb. The atom bomb was dropped during the Second World War on two Japanese cities. This caused large-scale destruction. Thousands of people either died or became seriously ill. Now, the big powers possess atom bombs much more powerful than the ones dropped on Japan. They have atom, hydrogen, cobalt, neutron and nitrogen bombs that can destroy whole cities and countries. Another world war may mean the end of all civilization.

Several countries have atomic submarines and ships that run on atomic energy. These are to be used in wars causing mass destruction (on a very large scale). Nuclear energy has also been put to constructive uses. With the ever-increasing use of oil and gas and their rising prices, the importance of atomic energy is becoming more and more clear. It is expected that in our century (that is the 21st century) ways will be found to replace oil and gas with atomic energy to a great extent (in a very big way).[the_ad id=”17141″]

Scientists have developed atomic power plants to produce electricity. One such plant is in operation in Karachi, Several more plants are to be set up in different parts of our country. In the advanced countries, like the US, Britain, France, Russia and Japan electricity is produced from atomic power plants on a very large scale.

Further, atomic reactors for boiling water are in use in the advanced countries. Scientists are trying to use atomic energy as fuel for aeroplanes, ships, and cars. The radiations (rays) given out by the atomic reactors are used for the treatment of diseases like cancer. They are also used for killing dangerous germs and insects. Scientists should use atomic energy for constructive or peaceful purposes alone, and they should jointly decide, together with world political leaders and rulers, not to use the atom for destruction.

The Outlines for Atomic Energy and its Uses Essay

  • How is atomic energy produced by the atom?

  • the first great destructive use of atomic energy is in the making of the atom bomb

  • atomic submarines and ships can be used in war

  • constructive uses of atom energy: in place of oil and gas nuclear energy may be used to run cars and other vehicles, advanced countries

  • the radiations (rays) given out by atomic reactors are used for the treatment of diseases like cancer

  • scientists should exploit (make use of) atomic energy for constructive purposes alone

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