Essay on An Ideal House (450 Words)

By | January 6, 2019

East is East and West is West
But the home is the best

Everyone likes his own house most dearly whether it is big or small, grand or ordinary, new or old. It is so because one is emotionally attached to it, where perhaps one was born and brought up. The same way I have great love and attachment to my own house that stands outside the city surrounded by a few small and big parks. It is my dear home.

It is a two-story house, built some thirty years ago by my father who was then in government service. It has three bedrooms downstairs and one bedroom upstairs. These are quite big rooms and each can accommodate three or four people. My parents stay in the upper bedroom while my two sisters, one brother and I stay in the lower bedrooms. My parents’ bedroom is carpeted, wall to wall, and has some wonderfully beautiful pictures of hills, forests, and seas. In a corner is my father’s own painting of my younger sister and mine. My mother’s contribution to the room is in the form of artistically designed and finely sewn curtains across three windows that open on two-side grassy lawns.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The house is, in fact, surrounded by three grassy fields with flowerbeds on all sides. Father and mother have grown some mountain fruit trees like walnut and chestnut besides mulberry and mango. With flowers all around, these trees present a paradisical picture. The drawing room is the least visited room in our house. It has fine sofa sets and carpets, mahogany tables (of hard dark brown wood) and excellent wall paintings. The dining room is rather small but has the best kind of almirahs and dining table and chairs. Mother has taken care to place some juicers and toasters at convenient places for ready use. The kitchen, attached to the dining room, has an excellent cooking-range with several Sui-gas burners. It has a washbasin and a washing stand. Mother has placed a table and a few chairs in a corner, which we use to our convenience.

Each bedroom has an attached bathroom that is fitted with rather ordinary basins, water closets, taps, showers, and hangers. It is a pleasure to take a bath in the bathrooms, which are tiled tastefully, with hot or cold water available all the time.

The area of our house in around 400 square meters, quite large by the present (current) standards. A raised path connects the rooms to the gate that we keep shut most of the time.

“My house shines brightly in sunlight At night it is a moonlit bride.”

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