Essay on A Visit to Badshahi Mosque

By | January 6, 2019
Essay on A Visit to Badshahi Mosque

Essay on A Visit to Badshahi Mosque

Essay on A Visit to Badshahi Mosque  

“Historical places and buildings are specimens (models) of the art and craft (skill) of olden times.”

I have visited a number of historical buildings in my country. Here I describe my visit to the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. The Badshahi Mosque is the biggest mosque in Pakistan, and one of the largest mosques in the world. The Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb had got it built in the 17th century. Though hundreds of years old, the Badshahi Mosque is still grand and perfect. Its building is a true example of Moghul architecture. It shows the real taste of Emperor Aurangzeb for fine mosques and buildings. Thousands of masons and workers had constructed it. The courtyard of the mosque is in red stone. One hundred thousand people can say their prayers here. As we enter the inner parts of the mosque, we are very much impressed by their artistic beauty. The walls and ceilings are made of very precious (expensive) stones and are carved. We can read the verses of the Holy Quran on them.

As I was walking through the mosque, I was filled with fear and love. It was the fear of God, of His greatness and power. I read the verses of the Quran and thought of what I was doing in life to please my God. Was God angry or happy with me? Soon I had a strong feeling of love for God. I remembered how much He loves His creatures. He would pardon most of our faults and treat us with kindness.[the_ad id=”17141″]

I heard the call for prayer and joined the people going to say it. Afterward, I felt satisfaction, which cannot be described in words (or which surpasses description). There are minarets in the corners of the building of the mosque. They are red like the outer parts. They are taller than most of the buildings in the city. Every year, thousands of people say the Eid prayers in the Badshahi Mosque. Important visitors to the Lahore like rulers, ambassadors, public leaders, writers, scientists and teachers from other countries pay their respects to this great mosque.

We should look after (take care of) the mosque as best as we can. It is not only our mosque, but of the world of Islam. It would not be wrong to describe it as the spiritual center of our city life. If the outer shine and glamour lie in the busy business centers, markets, and offices, the inner beauty and joy exist in the holy places like this great mosque and the splendid shrine (“durbar”) of Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh. It is the internal (inner) beauty of the soul and spirit that is paramount, unique and eternal (everlasting).

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