English as the Medium of Instruction (Essay)

By | January 7, 2019

Our different provinces have experimented with mediums of instruction and examination, sometimes at will and often according to the directives of the federal and provincial ministries. There has been confusion regarding what language to use, especially at the school level. The result is that the students are neither proficient (skilled) in English nor in Urdu or the regional or provincial languages as they study in the classroom, at home or when they take their various examinations. Now, in the wider national scenario (possible sequence of future events or developments), we have to see what suits the students best in their academic and professional preparation to face the challenges of life.

The present facts of the national and international situation all justify the adoption of English as a second national language and its endorsement (approval) in the constitution of the country. Then the nation should set about (start) learning the English language in deadly earnest (with more determination and energy) in all corners of the country. Teachers should be educated and trained for this purpose and senior students, who are good at the language, should be deputed to teach it in schools and colleges. There should be a kind of mass movement to teach and popularize English all over. It is certain that the common people would learn English with passion and would like to have it taught to their children for their unlimited future progress and prosperity.[the_ad id=”17141″]

As the above national programme is in progress, we should strive (try hard) to introduce English as the medium of instruction in all our school, college and university classes in almost all the subjects. The examinations should be given in English. Urdu should continue to be taught as a compulsory additional subject. If all this is done, there will be no danger to the advancement of Urdu and its studies as most people already understand and speak it.

If we act on the above programme, all science studies will be easy and comprehensible (understandable). The knowledge of the arts on the part of the students and teachers will be upgraded (raised to higher grades or ranks). We shall be able to compete with other nations, especially India and Bangladesh, outstandingly (remarkably or very well). There is no way out to us at this time except what we have shown if you want to reach the pinnacles (highest points) of success and worldly glory. Our understanding of religion, morality and social responsibilities will at once be more realistic, comprehensive and fruitful if only we do all this right now without being misled into wrong directions and false destinations for the sands are running out (there is not much time left).

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