Country (Village) Life as compared with City Life

By | January 10, 2019

Both city and village life have their pleasures and troubles for us. We have a great many comforts in cities that we do not have in villages. We can have many pleasures in villages that we cannot get in cities.

Our village men do not remain busy all year round. It is during sowing or reaping (cutting) the crops that they work hard. Otherwise, they look after their crops and animals in a rather routine manner. Most village women are hardworking. They get up early in the morning, cook food, wash clothes, look after their children and clean their hụts or houses. At times, village women also work with men in the fields, for example, while reaping (cutting) the crops.

Most of our villages do not have good schools. Children generally get religious and basic education: in mosques or small primary schools. Many children remain idle or work with their parents in the fields or at home. In our cities, we have plenty of schools, colleges, and institụtions of higher learning.

Uneducated city people work hard to earn their living. They work as laborers in factories or in the construction of new buildings or as servants in shops, hotels or other commercial places. Most educated people work in offices, banks, business organizations, and educational institutions. Rich businesspersons, strong industrialists, and hefty (big and strong) landowners enjoy most of the facilities of city life to the full.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There are many advantages of living in a village. Firstly, village people can get cheap, fresh and . pure food easily. Secondly, villagers live in the open and fresh air. Thirdly, villagers work in the fields and at other places and thus get a lot of physical exercises. Then the people of a village live like a huge family. They share each other’s joys and sorrows, co-operate in difficulties and work jointly for digging drains or wells, making roads, constructing mosques, and so on.

There are, however, some great disadvantages of village life. Village people do not often have good educational and medical facilities. They do not generally have paved or smooth roads. The houses are often very small and badly constructed. The roads are mostly in bad shape. Most of our villages are without electricity and water works. What we find missing in the villages can be had in the cities.

In the cities, we cannot easily get cheap, fresh and pure food: The cost of living is quite high. Most of our cities are facing the problem of overpopulation. The atmosphere in the thickly populated areas is not clean and fresh (is polluted) partly because of the smoke has given out by vehicles and machines.

These areas are called słums where people mostly live in hovels (small dirty places). The people living in different parts of a city often do not know each other intimately (closely). They cannot co-operate and work together like villagers.

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