The Slave and the Lion (300 Words)

By | December 30, 2018

It is said that there lived a Negro slave. His master was very cruel and often tortured him without any excuse. Getting tired of his master’s cruelties, the slave fled in the darkness of night. He ran and ran until he reached a forest. He sat under a tree to catch his breath when suddenly he was taken aback on hearing the loud roars of a lion. He could not run away because the animal was very near to him. He was surprised that the lion did not jump at him; instead, it was striking its paw on the ground. He approached the lion and saw one of its paws swollen and bleeding. He held its paw in one of his hands and found a thorn in it. He took out that thorn. The lion licked his hands and went away. Soon he heard voices of people and before he could run away, he found himself surrounded and arrested by soldiers. They put him into prison. The authorities decided to throw him in front of a hungry lion in order to make him an example for the other slaves. On the day of execution, the soldiers brought him to the arena built for such purposes, and they pushed him into the cage of a big hungry lion. As soon as the lion saw him, it rushed roaring towards him. But soon it stopped short and begar of its benefactor to the surprise of the spectators. It was the same lion whom the slave had helped in the forest. After hearing the story of the slave the authorities were greatly moved and pardoned him. It is rightly said, “Kindness begets kindness”.


  • Do Good, Have Good
  • Virtue/Kindness never goes unrewarded
  • Kindness has its own reward
  • Do unto others as you would be done by

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