The Jackal and the Camel (300 Words)

By | December 30, 2018

Once there lived a jackal in a jungle present on the bank of a river. There were melon fields on the other bank of the river. The melons were ripe and juicy in the summer season, and the very sight of them made the jackal’s mouth watered. The Jackal could not do anything because be did not know how to swim across the river and the river was deep and wide. Luckily he had friendship with a tall camel, He requested the camel to take him across the river. The camel readily agreed to it. One day, the camel with the jackal on his back, waded through the cold water. On reaching the other bank, both of them started eating the melons. Suddenly, the jackal started to howl. The camel was taken aback on hearing the noise created by the jackal. He, therefore, requested the jackal not to howl. The jackal replied that it was his habit to howl after having meal. The villagers, on hearing the howls, came rushing to the fields with sticks in their hands. The jackal being small slipped under a bush, but the camel was caught because of his size. The villagers beat him well and drove him out of the fields. As soon as the camel entered the river, the jackal came out from his hide-out and jumped onto the camel’s back. It angered the camel but he remained quiet. He thought to teach the jackal a good lesson. So, when he reached the middle of the river, he stopped. This is thing alarmed the jackal. When he asked the reason, the camel replied that it was habit . to take a bath after getting a good beating. Saying this, he sat down in the fast flowing river. Unable to keep his balance, the jackal fell into the river and got drowned.


  • Tit for Tat

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