The Farmer and the Snake (150 Words)

By | December 30, 2018

One early winter morning, a farmer was going to his fields. On his way along the road, he saw a small snake stiffened with cold. The farmer took pity on it. He picked it up carefully with a stick, put it in a jar and brought home. He placed it near the fire. The farmer’s little son was playing nearby. When the snake got some warmth of the fire, it started to uncoil and move about. When it saw the boy playing near, it rushed at him. The snake was about to bite the boy when the farmer saw it. He instantly picked up the stick and killed the snake. Then he realized that since nature cannot be changed, he should have killed the snake as soon as he had seen it. He thanked God for saving his son’s life.


  • Nip the evil in the bud
  • Nature cannot be changed
  • The enemy cannot be friend

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