The Farmer and his Dog (300 Words)

By | December 30, 2018

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who lived in a village. He was very hardworking and good-natured but he had one weakness ie, his impulsive nature. He had a small son whom he loved greatly. He had some sheep and a dog to look after them. The dog also loved to be with the farmer’s son. One day, he went out hunting and left his son sleeping in his room. There was nobody else in the house. When he reached the forest, he found that his dog was not with him. He was annoyed to find that. He returned home and was shocked to see his dog. Its mouth and paws were bloodstained. As he entered, he found blood all about the house. He became cold when he thought of his son. He called out his name but nobody responded. Torn with grief, he looked at the dog and an idea came to his mind like a blaze of terrible blue lightning: “this dog must have killed my son”. This made him furious and he killed his dog at the spot. When he entered the room of his child, he saw an unexpected scene. He saw his child: sleeping safe and sound and a dead wolf lying nearby. He became stunned and gathered that the wild wolf came to kill his son and the dog fought with him to fulfill its duty. And the blood that he saw on the body of the dog and in the house was not of the child but that of the wolf. The farmer wept bitterly because he had learned the lesson that “haste makes waste at a great price”.


  • Haste Makes Waste
  • It is useless to cry over spilt milk
  • Look before you leap

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