Short Paragraph on My Leisure Hours

By | December 30, 2018

In the modern mechanized world, it has become very difficult for one to spare some time for recreational purposes. One is fortunate if one finds time enough to enjoy the pleasures all around him. Leisure hours, iť properly utilized, will yield rich fruit. Workmen can read and write when they have leisure, and educated men can do some manual work when they are free. Hobbies, some useful avocation or diversion, are useful means of filling up these gaps in our life. They will keep us profitably busy, and at the same time give the necessary relaxation to our mind and body.

I am fond of gardening and photography. I took to music, and though I turn to it at times. I have not made much.progress in it. Gardening is my passion. There is a small plot in the compound of my house, in which I plant my favorite flowers and a few vegetables. It makes my heart glad to see the lovely flowers coming up. I am much happy with my avocation.

The weeding, the watering, and other processes give me good physical exercise, and I Love my work. I have made good progress in the art of photography, also). On Sundays and other off days, I go out and take pictures of natural scenery. Landscape pictures are my special liking. I send some of these pictures to the Pictorial Magazines, and they are much liked. Occasionally, friends requisition my service for their family groups, and I gladly do the work for them. I have very heavy work to do and get little leisure, but the little that I do get. I spend in these two pursuits. I am thinking of securing a larger piece of land to develop my taste for gardening, and to experiment with fruit culture. My hobby gives me great joy to me.

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