Short Paragraph on My Hobbies (585 Words)

By | December 25, 2018

A hobby, they say, is a theme or an object considered as unduly occupying one’s interests or attention. To me, it is the reflection of a sort of mental weakness for a particular thing. That is for the linguists to scratch their heads on and decide what it actually stands for. But by having certain hobbies. I have provided ny restless mind with a healthy cultural sport.

So I have a few hobbies. some are major and some are minor of which the others I have not been able to decide in which stage they are respectable. But I am sure that you cannot make me wish for them while mentioning them to you. If I have some weakness in that way. you may also be having a few. for no human mind is altogether without them. So why feel shameful?

Let me, however, save you from this exasperation of too much plain talking and tell you something about my hobbies I am a keen student of history. I love to read exhaustive and detailed history books and I have a reason for that. They make the dead past to live and move again before my eyes. I, therefore, have conceived more fondness for historical personages and places than for historical events which are only of great interest and important to me if they are associated with the former.[the_ad id=”17141″]

I love to collect pictures of various historical personalities and places and I have a fine collection. In my album you will find pictures of all the French kings who reigned after Henry III and of their queens, and mistresses as well, for, to tell you frankly, I love to watch beautiful faces. I have also collected many pictures of German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Austrian monarchs. How nice do they look in their thick whiskers and curled up mustaches! Many of them I have stolen from the library books.

I have some rare pictures of the Great War too! They are so fine and real. Many poets, statesmen generals, and men of letters and science have also found place in my album. Pictures of old places, are in a separate album with me. I have been fined by the librarians many a time. My conscience has often reproached me at this. But I have not been able to and I cannot resist the temptation of collecting pictures of great historical interest. be it even by stealing.

I also collect pictures of film stars, specially the actresses. I have already told you about my weakness towards the fair sex. ‘Childish! Sexual-minded! you, young and old, may call me, but I prefer to stand self-accused. I have pictures of almost all the film actresses and in rare studies and poses. One cannot but admire the sphinx-like face of Garbo, her eyes probably looking beyond eternity.

My third major hobby is drawing cartoons and caricatures. I am rather a new hand at them and also an indifferent one. Many of my friends have heaped praises on me for a few cartoons I have Lang. drawn. Some have even gone to the length of advising me that I must send my studies to this or that Academy of Painting, whose prizes, they say I am sure to win. But I do not bother about these hankering after hollow fame. I regard it enough for me that my cartoons and caricatures make me happy when I sit in the silence of my room and as often I look at them.

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