Paragraph on My First Day at College

By | December 31, 2018

My First Day at College Paragraph (300 Words)

I passed the Secondary School Certificate Examination from my school. I obtained 690 marks. I was selected for admission to the local Government College. Lectures began on the 5th of September. I went there in the morning that day, with great pride on my bicycle. I saw a large number of students at the gate. They began to clap their hands. as I went near them. I smelt some mischief. I got down from my bicycle and began to walk. One of them pulled it back. The next moment I saw them drawing my books from over the carrier, one by one. I told them to behave properly. But they laughed and began to cut jokes with me. I went to the bicycle stand, and they followed me like a shadow. I locked my bicycle there, They returned me my books, shook hands with me and went away.

I had gone only a few races towards the office when I saw two well-dressed gentlemen coming towards me. They said that were professors in that college. I greeted them, as one of them asked me, if anybody had teased me. “Don’t worry.” said the other, and “have a cup of tea with us, in the college tuck shop.” They took me there and became very friendly with me. A shirtless servant placed a tray on the table before us. I blushed to see the tea-pot quite empty and you are a first-year fool” printed on the cup and the saucer placed before me. They burst into peals of laughter and others, in the fuck shop, clapped their hands, I left the chair in hot haste, with my face as pale as death.

I met some boys outside. They said that they were first-year students. They took me to a class-room. We had hardly taken our seats, when a gentleman wearing gown came in. Everybody stood up. But before I could take my seat, I was utterly surprised to see. everybody singing Hey Jamalo around me; and the gentleman wearing the gown, dancing on the dais. I wondered at my experiences of the college life, as I came out of the class-room. I decided to return home. I went to the bicycle-stand. But I found its wheels punctured; and the saddle, lying on the ground beside it. I was still standing there, when I heard an announcement from the loud-speaker. It said that lectures to the first year class would begin on and from tomorrow at 9 A.M., according to the time-table put up on the notice-board. I dared not go there, lest I should fall into another trap, and returned home.[the_ad id=”17141″]

My First Day at College Paragraph (400 Words)

O tell me why we remember the first day in college
but can’t say what happened on the first day in school

I was admitted to the Government College of my city after I passed the matriculation examination. I had some very strange experiences on the first day I attended it. It was a summer morning when I went to attend college for the first time. The sky was cloudy and the weather was fine. I went to college on my bicycle in a very happy mood. As I entered college, I found some students standing near the gate. They smiled at me, and I felt that they wanted to talk to me. I wanted to know where I could find the timetable of the college. So I went to those boys and asked them to tell me about the timetable.

The boys laughed loudly and replied that they would show it to me. The boys asked me to go with them to the notice board. I started with them, but they began walking faster. I also had to walk fast. They asked me to run with them. Now I was running with them. Soon I was tired and wanted to stop. All at once, one of the boys pushed me from behind and asked me to keep running. The boys took me to the notice board afterward and went away shouting “First-Year Fool.”

I read the timetable of the college and found that the first period was of English. I went to the classroom for the English class. I was standing outside the classroom. Two other first-year boys were also standing there. They asked me about my school and subjects. As We were talking, I saw three second-year boys coming towards us. Those boys asked us to go into the classroom. We did so. Then one of the second-year boys stopped us near the blackboard and asked us to open our books. He started teaching to our great surprise and shock. The second-year boy was trying to teach in a humorous (funny) way. Soon our teacher of English came in. He laughed and sent the second-year boys away.[the_ad id=”17142″]

After three periods, we had a break or recess. By good luck, two first-year students were with me, and we three were new friends. We had a meeting on the beautiful, fresh, grassy college ground. We decided to be with each other until the end of the classes to avoid trouble with senior students. Only once, we had a problem as we were going towards the cafeteria. A group of five second-year boys asked us to introduce ourselves. As we were telling our names, they started asking for our national identity cards. We explained that yet we could not get our identity cards. They asked for our college identity cards that too we did not have. They said jokingly that we were moving about in the college illegally. Then all three of us asked the second-year, boys to produce their national identity cards. Soon, two teachers, who were supervising the college campus, passed by us and heard our angry talk with the senior students. They came close and ordered us to go to our classes. We attended our Urdu and other classes with comfort and joy. The college day was at last over, and it was time to return home. We three decided to go to some distance outside the college together before going home.

The first day, thus, introduced the atmosphere, activities, and people of the college to me. Though it was not all pleasure to be in college on the first day, I began liking college life. I liked its variety, colorfulness and activity. Later, the experience of discussion and arguments with the senior students gave me courage and tact to face difficult situations in college and society.

“We can forget many days, but not the college first day.”


My First Day at College Paragraph (800 Words)

A student passes through different stages during his educational career. With the passage of time, the memories of some these stages are forgotten and some remain fresh forever. Someone has said:

A college is a place of light, liberty and of learning.

Every schoolboy dream of going to college and entering a new world. My first day at college is a day of happiness, joy, fear and wonderful experience for me. I cannot forget this day. A man should not forget his past. If a man does not remember the pains of past, he cannot enjoy the fragrance of future.[the_ad id=”17150″]

We must always have old memories and young hopes.

I still remember my first day at college. I got the first division in the matriculation examination. My father decided to send me to college. I got admission in the college. I was happy and proud of being a college student. It is well said about colleges.

Colleges are the places where pebbles are polished. We were allocated roll numbers. The timetable was put on notice board and the classes started. Churchill has said.

And solid learning never falls without the verge of college walls

On the first day, I reached the college before time. The senior students stood in wait for us at the college gate. They were there to make ‘first-year fools’ of us. They passed funny remarks on us. They ordered us to stand in a line and march. There was no way but to obey. We were full of fear and were trembling. They stamped ‘Taxi’ and ‘fools’. I was very nervous. At 7:30 the college bell rang and four first period started. I did not know where the classroom was. An innocent looking senior boy stood by me. I asked him very respectfully about room No. 7. He took pity on me and conducted me to the room. When I entered the room, I was received with a roar of laughter. It was the room of seniors. I was easily madea fool by the innocent looking senior boy. He played a trick on me.[the_ad id=”17144″]

It is said:

Experience is the extract of suffering.

Anyhow, I found the room. The lecturer came and began to call the role. It was also a funny scene. Some answered the role call in Urdu and some in The lecturer was very polite and friendly. The lecturer advised us about manners and discipline. When the period was over we moved to another room. Almost all the lectures delivered general lectures. They told us about college life and future. They gave us the impression that they are our friends and there was nothing to be afraid of.

After the last bell, we were again caught by the seniors. We were ordered to sing melodious songs. The newcomers were really in trouble. Their dresses had been spoiled, their books had been snatched, tears of helplessness welled up to our eyes, but we bore all this.

Eventually, the president of the college union appeared there. We told him our problem. He smiled and encouraged us to face the situation. However, he helped us and escorted us to the gate of the college. He asked the other students not to harass us. We became happy to be safe so nicely. We know that every dark, cloud has a silver lining. After all, we were going to start a new life of ease and freedom.

As it is said:

If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest.

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