Paragraph on A Visit to Hill Station

By | December 31, 2018

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A Visit to Hill Station (Short Paragraph)

It is a great pleasure to visit a hill station in summer. It was in those months that I visited the Murree hills. To enjoy this visit fully. I also invited some close friends. We left Lahore for Murree by bus and reached Rawalpindi at about ten O’clock. From there we reached Murree at about 1 PM the same day.

It was a fine cloudy day and the weather was very pleasant. We stayed at “The Sunny View Hotel”. After having rest for a while, we came out to have a view of the hills. It was a new experience for me. The houses were built in an irregular way. This looked very interesting. The valley below the hills looked like a great cup full of beautiful flowers.

On the first day, we walked to the Kashmir point and enjoyed ourselves with its beautiful view. Well-dressed ladies and gents crowded the Mall cafes and tea-houses. I wondered how so many educated and cultured people had come together at such a far-off hill station at one and the same time.

In the evening, when we were returning to our hotel, it grew dark and a gentle shower of rain began to fall. We hurried back and reached our hotel in ten minutes. Then we changed our dress, as it had become quite wet due to rain. The night was quite cold and I had to cover myself with the blanket.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Throughout the night it continued raining out. When it was dawn, the rain stopped. We were very glad to see this sudden change of weather. After our breakfast, we went out to see the Samli Sanitorium down in the valley. Samli is a beautiful little spot situated in a fine valley. There are thick forests of pine trees, and the entire area is green and charming. There are also many fruit gardens on the slopes. On our way back we crossed two fast flowing streams. The water of these streams was very cold and clean, but it was not so deep.

After three days stay in the hills we returned to Lahore, which was as hot and dry as we had left it. Anyhow, our short visit to the Murree hills was a good change and I shall ever remember the beautiful “Sunny View” and the “Kashmir Point”. These were perhaps the most well-spent days of my life.

A Visit to Hill Station Paragraph with Quotations

Excursion trips arranged by different institutions and colleges become a permanent part of a student’s memory. Such trips and tours are the part and parcel of life. It is a really great pleasure to visit a hill station in summer. A poet says.

Praise be to you, O hills!
That thou can breathe into our soul
The secret of your power

Recreational tours enhance our knowledge and experience. They provide us with pleasure and joy. They refresh our mind and increase our capacity for work.[the_ad id=”17142″]

As it is said,

Let the mind some relaxation take
To come back to its task
With fresher mind.

It was a pleasant day of summer when the college authorities decided to visit a hill station. The principal sanctioned funds. All the students of my class were excited. We hired a bus and left our college at the nightfall. The bus was new and air-conditioned. The seats were comfortable. Early in the morning, we reached Islamabad. We offered the fajar prayer in Faisal mosque. It was an amazing piece of architecture.

As it is said,

Architecture is a frozen music.

After breakfast, we left for Murree. During the journey to the Murree hills, we enjoyed the enchanting scene all around. There were tall green trees growing along the road and on the slopes of the hills. The clouds were playing hide and seek mountains. Soon it began to drizzle which changed into a heavy shower. After taking bath, the trees were presenting a great natural sight.

[the_ad id=”17150″]After some time, we reached Murree. We stayed in a hotel. We took bath, had lunch and rested for sometime. In the evening we got ready and came out to enjoy the fascinating scenes of Murree hills. It was a new experience for me. The valley below the hills looked like a great cup full of beautiful flowers. The cool breeze was fanning our faces and refreshing our minds. It was really a beautiful sight which we can never forget as it is said:

A thing of beauty is joy forever.

We walked on the mall and enjoyed ourselves. Well dressed ladies and gents crowded the mall cafes and tea houses. When we were returning to our hotel, a gentle shower of rain began to fall. We hurried back and reached our hotel.

The next day we planned to visit ‘Patriata’. After an hour’s journey, we reached there. We bought tickets for cable car. It was a novel experience for us. The view beneath simply seemed to be a fairyland. We stayed there for an hour and had a lot of fun. We sang songs and appreciated the enchanting beauty of hills.

In the evening we came back to our hotel at Murree. The next morning, we left Murree for our town. The memories of this trip will remain fresh in our mind for a long time.

The hills provide us the opportunity to refresh ourselves. The natural scenes and beauty of these hills tells us about their creator. It is the only Allah Almighty who was created such spots to appreciate and refresh ourselves.

All I have seen
Touches me to trust
The creator for all
I have not seen

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