Paragraph on A Cricket Match

By | December 31, 2018

Paragraph on Watching a Cricket Match

Matches are the events of enthusiasm. Some matches are quite thrilling and full of suspense. Some matches are enjoyable and people feel much pleasure to watch them.

Last month, I had a chance to watch a one-day cricket match. It was played between super-stars and fighters eleven clubs. We had bought the tickets and reached the stadium at 8 o’clock. This final match was played on a pleasant morning. The stadium was jam-packed with the spectators. Men, women, children and old persons from every walk of life had come to see this match.

The umpires with two captains came into the ground. First of all the two captains tossed in the presence of umpires. It was won by the captain of superstars. They decided to bat first. Both the openers entered the ground with enthusiasm and dignity. The spectators clapped. The players came running towards the pitch circling their bats around. The match started at 9 o’clock with a great thrill. The commentary on match both in English and Urdu was exciting and enjoyable. The sky was overcast a bit at the start of the match, but soon, it was a bright day.

[the_ad id=”17141″]Both the openers were very experienced and played confidently. They were very careful but occasionally they opened up and had a few good shots. They were scoring runs without taking undue risks.

Together they put half-century. It was. undoubtedly, a good foundation. Now they became a bit fast. In the process Saeed missed a ball and received it on his pads. He was declared L.BW. The first wicket fell at the score of 75. In the next ten overs, they further lost three wickets but the score was then one hundred one. Last ten overs were very exciting for they scored 52 runs in them. The total reached to 153 in thirty overs for the loss of nine wickets.

After the first innings, there was a short break. During it, the vendors appeared. We began chatting, eating and drinking tea. Soon the match resumed. In the first eight overs fighters eleven easily scored sixty runs without losing any wicket. But the next four Overs were crucial. They lost four important wickets. The fielding of superstars was perfect. All of they were playing carefully. People clapped and danced when the captain of superstars took a very difficult catch. Their wicketkeeper also showed a wonderful performance by stumping three important players of fighters eleven.

In short, the match was even until the last over in which the batting side was to get only nine runs and the bowling side was to take only one wicket to win the match. Every ball created suspense and excitement among the crowd. At the last ball, only two runs were required. The batsman could not hit and missed the ball. Superstars won the match. Some excited spectators ran towards the winning team. Some started leaving and some kept sitting to watch the ceremony.

Nobody can deny the importance of sports and games in life. They play a vital role in building our body, muscles and nerves. They teach us to practice patience tolerance and other moral values.

Paragraph on One Day Cricket Match

[the_ad id=”17142″]Last month I got a chance to see a one-day cricket match played between our National team and the Indian cricket team. Our college announced a this match. We had bought the tickets two days before and reached the stadium at 9 O. clock. We were surprised to see all the enclosures fully packed. Men, women, children and old persons from every walk of life had come to see this match. Fortunately, we got seats near the commentary box.

The match started at 10 o’clock. Waqar Younis, the Captain of Pakistan team won the toss. He invited the Indians to play first. Both the openers were experienced batsmen. But they could not play confidently before the Pakistani bowlers. The wicket was giving great help to the fast bowlers like Waseem Akram and Waqar Younis. In the first five overs, they took two wickets against only ten runs. It appeared that the whole Indian team would not be able to score even one hundred runs. But the careful batting by Tendulkar and Laxman gave a good support to their team. But Waqar made a wise change by introducing Mushtaq from the college end. His ball was taking a sharp turn and he took the important wicket of Laxman in his first over. The fielding of our team was perfect. [the_ad id=”17150″]People clapped and danced when Shoaib took a very difficult catch. Our Wicket Keeper Rashid showed a wonderful performance by stumping out three Indian players. Two of them were run-out and the last three batsmen were caught behind the wickets. At last the whole team was out after making only one hundred and fifty runs.

There was a break of one hour between the two innings. We also had our lunch. The stadium was picturesque. Especially, the ladies enclosure looked very attractive. People were holding the national flags and banners in their hands and waving them.

Pakistanis started their innings and Shahid came to open with Saeed. The target was quite easy and our batsmen played aggressive shots from the very beginning. The captain of the Indian team tried many bowlers one after the other, but he could not succeed to break the partnership. Both the openers scored eighty runs. Then came the great Inzi and Yousaf who loved to hit the ball with full force. Whenever they scored a boundary, people enjoyed and jumped at their seats. In this way, Pakistan defeated India by seven wickets. Shahid was declared the man of the match. It was a match that we can remember forever.

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