A Memorable Journey by Train – Short Essays

By | December 4, 2018

“Some train journeys stay in our memory for life like sea voyages.”

Outlines for A Memorable Journey by Train

  • Some railway journeys are often remembered by us as they are associated (connected) with our feelings and thoughts

  • a railway journey that I undertook once and that I can never forget, it was a journey to Multan

  • traveling in a first

  • the class compartment

  • the train suddenly stopped in an open place

  • a different group of people came in and went out

  • at last, reached Multan at night

Essay on A Memorable Journey by Train (800 Words)

Last year, I went to Multan by train during the summer vacation. I greatly enjoyed this railway journey as I gained some valuable experiences during it. A classmate of mine and I were traveling together to Multan. The train started from Lahore at 8 on a June morning. The sunrays were hitting our compartment directly, so we had to put down the shutters over the windows. Somehow, the weather became cloudy at noon, and we drew up the shutters for full light and for having a view of the fields on both sides of the railway track.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The green fields and trees around looked marvelously beautiful. The sight of the fruit gardens was even more comforting. The mangoes, hanging by the branches, were an inviting sight, and I could only desire to reach them. The other sights were even more enchanting, for example, farmers cutting the wheat crop and watering the fields. Serious passengers lovingly watched the mud houses of villagers with their animals grazing in the fields around. I, for one, was filled with the irresistible desire to go to these houses and sit with the villagers and talk with them. But the train moved on, and newer scenes came in full view, and they, too, were left behind like seconds, minutes and hours past and gone.

We were traveling in a first-class compartment. At the start of the journey, it was packed to capacity. As the train stopped at a few stations, quite a few of the passengers left, and the compartment was partly empty. Now I could stretch my arms and legs at ease and hoped to enjoy sleep after lunch. Three hours later, the train suddenly stopped in an open place. It was surely not a railway station. My friend and I looked out and tried to see what had happened. We were surprised to see three men running out of a railway compartment towards the fields. A number of passengers and police officers were running after them. Soon they caught the three men who were thieves or dacoits.

Other strange, and also shocking, incidents upset me during this long railway journey. A passenger in our compartment found someone else’s suitcase in place of his own. Then some passengers discovered a briefcase, lying unattended under a lower seat. The railway police were called, who found a bomb in it. The briefcase was taken away, but there was a lot of disturbance all over the train.

The train was now moving quite fast towards Multan. On the way, some singers came into our compartment. They were singing film songs and folk songs. One of them was a woman who sang beautifully, and at times tried to dance in the narrow space.[the_ad id=”17142″]

At another station, some gypsies entered our compartment. They started showing their tricks. One of them said that he could take out the pen of any person near him without letting him know. At once, we searched our pockets and found our pens missing. The gypsy was swinging his arms, with all the pens in his hand. We paid him some money in a very happy mood. As the train stopped at a small railway station, a marriage party entered our compartment. They were a dozen villagers in colorful shiny clothes. One of them started telling jokes, and the passengers started listening to him. At last, we reached Multan at night. I can never forget the railway journey that engraved (impressed deeply) some common scenes of our rural (village) and lower-middle-class life on my mind for all time to come.


Essay on A Memorable Journey by Train (400 Words)

The extreme heat on the plains made me think that a short stay of two months on the hills could do me good. The monotony of college life had been a burden so far and wanted to make the best of the vacation, by improving my health and mind by exercise, walking, reading, and contemplation of the beauties of Nature. All these things conspired to make me take a journey to Murree. I packed up my baggage and drove towards the Railway Station. Fifteen minutes drive brought me to the station, where I caught the train which was to take me to Rawalpindi. I got into a compartment. The first bell rang and at once there was a great bustle among the passengers. There was another ringing of the bell. The doors banged, the guard blew his whistle and waved the green flag, and the train steamed off.

The third class compartment was crowded to suffocation. People of all types were there. Some of the travelers were rude, others were polite. Some were so reserved that they would hardly speak when spoken to, while others forced their talk upon reluctant listeners. There were so many kinds of people; such a variety of dress and occupation could be seen. Some people were smoking cigarettes, and bursting now and then into laughter.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Even more interesting than the study of the different characters of my fellow passengers was the variety of the scenery through which the train passed. As the train hurred at the speed of forty miles per hour panorama of the scenery passed before my eyes. At one time the train passed through a dense forest. Then the scene changed and the train plunged into a deep valley and wakened the echoes of a rocky and barren mountain district. Then we crossed a mighty river which was in rapid motion. The leaping of waters on the banks could be heard from a distance. Nature was most gorgeous there, and it was green and green all around.

Here and there were fields covered with golden corn and gardens full of fruit trees. Hares were frisking in the fields, deer bounding over the plains. All sorts of beautiful birds with variegated plumes fitted across the landscape. The cattle wallowing in muddy tanks, the farmers plowing the fields, idle people sitting and smoking under the village tree, the thatched huts, the spires and minarets of temples and churches, were very interesting and picturesque sights. At last the train pulled up at Rawalpindi Junction. There was a great rush of passengers on the platform. All seemed to be hurrying to and fro. The hawkers were hawking tea and foodstuffs. The constant whistling of a shunting locomotive also attracted my attention. The shouts of the coolies, and the rush of the passengers were very interesting.

I changed my clothes in the waiting room at Rawalpindi Station and immediately left for G.T.S. Bus stand in Sadar. I boarded a bus bound for Murree. I was in Murree in two hours time. There, I enjoyed a lot but I cannot forget the memorable journey by train.

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