Short Paragraph on Social Service and Students

By | November 15, 2018

Social work or social service means service performed in a spirit of selflessness. It is done without any regard for reward, return or compensation. It also conveys the sense of selfless 1 service to humanity at large. It calls for being kind and sympathetic in the true sense of the word. Social Service, therefore, is based on the love for humanity. It develops a spirit of brotherhood between man and man. It makes human beings more humane.

Some people think that social service lies in simply removing dirt from the streets, cleaning drains and digging trenches. These activities are a part of social service but the sphere of social service is not limited only to these activities.

The spiritual, intellectual, physical and financial sides of our life are also included in it. Social Service, in fact, embraces a vast range of activities. Students form of one of the richest assets of our nation. They are young and enthusiastic. They are ready to work if they get the correct leadership and the right opportunities. In the field of social service, students can do a lot of good work. In a developing society like ours, they can be a great help for society. In the U.S.A. welfare programmes based on voluntary student, efforts have proved a great success in the field of education and slum uplift. In Pakistan, unfortunately, the student community has so far been ignored in this respect. The present waywardness among Pakistani Youth is due to the lack of suitable avenues for spare-time opportunities. During the vacation, students let their time be spent aimlessly.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Students can he utilized not only in adult literacy campaign but in many social welfare spheres such as health, education, cleanliness and family planning. The basic thing is to catch the student’s interest. If the student come out for social service, all the people will co-operate with them and follow their example. Fortunately, the students have ample time for social service. There are the summer vacation, the winters holidays and the spring recess in which they almost remain idle. University and College authorities should plan programmes and projects of social service. The students should be listed in the Social Service Corps. These corps should be assigned various areas to work in. They can talk to the people about family planning one day; launch a cleanliness campaign the next. They can educate illiterate persons of their locality. They can conduct classes in the evening when people are free from day’s work. college girls can easily set up schools in their homes. They should teach their sisters sewing and knitting. Most of our villages are very dirty. The students can explain the advantages of cleanliness to the villagers. Village folk are fond of litigation. They can be taught how to avoid this. As incentive degrees and diplomas should make a mention of social work done by a student. In fact, the field is almost unlimited and prospects

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