The Value of College Education to a Policeman Paragraph

By | October 19, 2018


  • Pakistani policemen on the whole.
  • Present-day crime detection needs good brains.
  • Finding the criminal.
  • Treatment of the prisoner.
  • A present-day college education: does it help.
  • Good university education and how it could help?

Pakistani Policemen on the whole:

That the average policeman is badly in need of some sort of education hardly requires any explanation. The behavior which an ordinary pedestrian, cyclist or even motorist receives at the hands of traffic constables is wellknown, often a lathi charge resorts to peaceful processions. Crowdsone dispensed ruthlessly and rashly on the face of it, it is uncalled for. The police force in all nations must of necessity at times use force, but it should be a last resort, and not an intimidation measure.

Present-day crime detection needs good brains:

Today crime itself has become so scientific that it needs a special brain to detect it. The old type of illiterate and hefty policeman will find himself baffled before the scientific and rather clever criminal of the twentieth century. He will find murders committed without shedding any blood but by other subtler measures more and more difficult of detection.’ These things compel the policeman to equip himself with the latest scientific instruments for the detection of crimes. After catching the criminal we have to examine the treatment he meets at the hands of the police.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Ordinarily he is mishandled. This antagonizes him against a law which he regards as something tyrannical and terrifying. Here the police needs serious education. They should be taught to try to change the very outlook and conscience of the criminal and not mutilate his limbs. We can always influence people with wrong ideas by patient and logical debate. We can change the very basis of their criminal actions, namely perverted attitude to life. We can also teach a man an honest and interesting way to earn his living and when we have done that, we may rest assured that crime has been ropted out of him forever. Torture and misbehavior, trouble him for a while but the criminal bent does not change and it emerges later with greater force. So the logic and scientific treatment of crime along has any future. The Borstål system is an endeavour in the right direction.

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Present-day college education: Does it help?

Now we have to see if this type of education can be provided in an average college. It cannot. In our college we do not get either the opportunity or the time to form a right outlook ourselves. How can it be useful for a policeman who has to influence and deal with crooked minds? He may not even learn social conduct in an average college. If a college can teach him to live well that may be of some use. Otherwise “B.A.: degree Ticket or a graduate that has learnt Shakespeare or Milton by rote will make him a useless fellow.

Good university education and how it could help:

On the other hand, if present-day college education could be made wider and more comprehensive then it is today, so that instead of texts students, got a chance to broaden their interest, develop a co-operate and civic sense, get imbued with a healthy social discipline and a reforming attitude to life, college education would be a real help. Much of this depends on the individual college and the individual principal, and it is to be hoped that in the near future many more colleges will spring up with the idea of turning out healthy citizens and not book worms. That in its turn will have the effect of raising the level of public service.

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