Short Paragraph on if I Were a King

By | October 11, 2018

If I were a king, I would, like Amanullah of Afghanistan, order reforms to be carried out at once in all departments of administration, in the social and economic life of the people, though, in doing so, I may become unpopular like him. The masses are ignorant. They require guidance, and may be forced to adopt new ideas, and give up old and rotten customs.

I look upon a king as the servant of his people, on whom God has placed a very heavy burden. He is entrusted with the care of so many human beings, not for his glory and self-enjoyment, but for their service. It is his sacred duty to look after the true welfare of his fellowmen even by sacrificing his own personal interests.

I would, first of all, remove all distinctions of caste, rank, and class.

Rank is hut a guinea’s stamp,
And man’s man for all that.

All human beings are equal, and all artificial distinctions set up between class and class should be removed in a free society. My next reform would be the removal of illiteracy from the country. I shall make elementary education compulsory throughout the country and open schools and colleges for higher education, which will be free, so that all may have an equal chance. The poor people are handicapped in the race of life simply because they are poor. I shall try to place equal opportunities within the reach of each and every member of society. I shall encourage by all means in my power the study of various sciences and arts.[the_ad id=”17141″]

It will be my earnest endeavor to see that the man is engaged in some sort of useful labor for their livelihood, impose heavy taxes on luxurious and idle living. Industries will be started, and the use of new machines and scientific appliances will be encouraged. Of course, the roads, canals, and railways will all receive due attention.

I shall immediately set to work for the amelioration of women abolish pardah forthwith, and make women free like men. The dependence of woman on man has hindered her progress, and it must disappear. Social evils which are opposed to morality and which retard progress would be abolished.

I shall give the people full control over the Government even to the extent of removing me from my position if they find me in any way inimical to their true interests. This is briefly my view of the duties of a king, but it is difficult to say how far, if at all, I shall be able to realize this ideal, when I actually, become a king.

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