Paragraph on the Advantages of a Military Life

By | October 12, 2018


  • Military training disciplines our life.
  • Man becomes adventurous, daring, and straight forward.
  • He learns to obey and command.
  • One knows that his life is dedicated to the service of the country and this makes him face death courageously.
  • One’s sense of honour is developed.

Military training disciplines our life:

To belong to a martial race is a credit not only in Pakistan but all the world over. The martial races are known for their strong physiques, their valour, and straightforwardness. All these great qualities they learn from active service. They know how to kill their enemy in war and how to entertain him merrily on the same table in time of peace.

Man becomes adventurous:

Military training teaches a man to do the right thing at the right moment. It dins into his ears the importance of time which should never be wasted. If the soldier arrives at his place one or minutes late he may lose his life because the enemy may have taken advantage of this delay on his part. The soldier has to pay very dearly for such minor lapses. This leads him to have transcendent regard for his duty. He knows how to do his duty whatever his moral and spiritual faults may be. Off time he may indulge in anything but during his duty hours, he is always alert and awake.[the_ad id=”17141″]

He learns to obey, and command: The sense of discipline which military life infuses into the life of every soldier is something unknown to the civilian. The latter is by very definition a sort of careless, negligent, unbalanced individual who depends more on the caprices of fate than the hard facts of personal effort. The religious fanatacism and idle mysticism which we find in our eastern society generally are due to a lack of the military spirit. The militarist does not believe in other worldliness because he has to serve in the present. He was made for the existing world and he finds no reason why he. should not do his duty to this world.

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One knows that his life is dedicated:

The healthy habits of life which a soldiers learns in the barracks in the company of his comrades keep him free from the filthy and dirty habits to which an average civilian is addicted. The soldiers learn to live side by side with hundreds of his fellow soldiers. He develops a certain human affinity with his fellow. He is ready to shed his blood for them. Death with a friend is for him a divine festival.

One’s sense of honour is developed:

This spirit of comradeship and co-operation which military life teaches is full of great possibilities in the betterment of human society. Most of our troubles national and international are due to a lack of cooperative spirit. A soldier can be more reliable as a peace maker than a flighty politician. The soldier is honed and fixed in his beliefs wrong or right. If he is once convinced of them he will leave no stone unturned in proving them.

The gap between the civil and military life is filling up day by day. It is becoming almost a necessity for every ran to learn the essentials of military life and training before he can prove useful or himself or the society in which he lives.

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