Essay on Prize Distribution Function

By | October 8, 2018

A college is a big institution full of activities It is also like a very big family in which many functions are held. In my college, a number of is being held every year. Annual prize distribution functions one of them. It is very colourful, enjoyable and inspiring occasion.

This year, it was held on 23rd of February. It was also the foundation day of our college. Long and great preparations were made for the day. The college building was given a fresh coat of whitewash. The furniture were all painted anew. The nameplates, signboards etc were rewritten and painted. New flower plants in pots were added and there was a lot of decorations. There were flower garlands and balloons buntings, big gates, festoons Every nook and corner was decorated. Invitation cards in bright blue letters were printed and sent to the invitees.

The Director of Education was the chief guest. He presided over the function. He was received at the main gate by the principal and the staff members. He was garlanded and the badge was pinned on his coat by two senior students. Then he was escorted to the stage and offered a high and comfortable seat. The other guests and invitees were already in their seats.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The main function began with the singing of the national anthem. A group of boys sang it to the accompaniment of sweet music. Then the principal introduced the chief guest and delivered a short welcome speech. Then was read the college annual report during the year. It highlighted the achievements of the college. In between, there were loud clappings.

The chief guest then distributed the prizes. The prizes were given for remarkable performance in studies, games, and sports and other extra-curricular There were cups, trophies, books, medals, tea – shirts and activities certificates in prizes. There were prizes for best individual and team efforts. As each and every winner got his prize, the gathering loudly cheered and clapped. The chief guest shook hand with every one of them. In the end, the chief guest delivered his address. He urged the students to do still better next year. He thanked the address such a principal, the staff members and the students for organizing successful and grand function. He was glad to be received with so much warmth, respect, and hospitality. Then the vice-principal thanked him and other guests for all the trouble they took in coming to the function. It was followed by the singing of Kalam – e – Iqbal by a group of students

The function came to an end with a tea-party. There were sweets, snacks, tea, coffee, and cold drinks. The chief guest was served by a couple of senior students. The other guests were served by other students. After that, we all dispersed with much satisfaction because the function was a grand success. The next day was declared a holiday. It further added to our joy and happiness.

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