Essay on an Ideal Citizen

By | October 1, 2018

A citizen is a person living in a particular country and state. He enjoys there . He also has every right to certain social and political rights to participate in the voting, political system, and other affairs of the country. He has the liberty to follow and preach his faith, adopt a profession of his to the maximum. But right means duties also. He is bound to be faithful to the country and its people. It is his duty not to harm others and their religious sentiments maintain peace, law, and order. He has to obey the laws of that country.

In a country there may live people of many nations and countries. But they all are not its citizens, for example, in Pakistan live many Americans, Russians, Chinese, English, and others. But they do not enjoy the status of Pakistani citizens. They cannot participate in elections. They cannot enjoy the rights, the privileges and freedoms as are granted to Pakistani citizens. Similarly, many Pakistanis live in many other countries but they are still Pakistani citizens and not of the country they live in.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Citizens are the real strength of a nation. On them depend on the greatness and power of a nation. If the citizens of a country are honest, hardworking, well educated, well of, patriotic, technically advanced then that country is powerful and prosperous. Natural resources and physical advantages are also necessary, But ultimately it is its citizens that matter. They are the real source of power, greatness and strength.

An ideal or good citizen is ever law-abiding. He obeys the laws willingly. He helps the authorities in maintaining law and order of the country. He or she obeys the rules and regulations which are for the good of all. If the rules are violated, there will be chaos and disorder. There would be no safety and security. An ideal citizen participates in exercising his vote and electing the representatives.

An ideal citizen is dutiful. He is aware of his responsibilities and duties. A student’s duty is to study sincerely and become a useful member of society. A soldier’s duty is to fight bravely and defend the freedom and borders of the country. A farmer’s duty is to grow plenty of food-grains, fruits etc. with his sweat and labor. It is the duty of a government official, to be honest, regular, punctual and hard working in his office. A shopkeeper is supposed not to practice black marketing and profiteering. Good citizens pay their taxes honestly and in time. An ideal citizen never indulges in dishonest and corrupt practice. In times of emergency, an ideal citizen is ever willing to make any sacrifice. In times of floods, famines, epidemics, earthquake etc, he comes forward and helps the government in overcoming.

During wars and external dangers to the country, he is ready to serve as a soldier or to contribute generously to the defense of the nation. In such emergencies, his faith and patriotism are at his best. He considers no sacrifice great during such times. His faith is firm and unshakable in his motherland. For him the good of the society and the nation is above everything else.[the_ad id=”17142″]

An ideal citizen is proud of his nation’s history and heritage. He helps in the growth and preservation of the culture and civilization of the nation. He attempts to conserve and protect its environment and ecology. He always keeps in his mind the health, prosperity and well-being of the nation. He never does anything that goes against the interest of the country.

A good citizen lives in harmony and peace with other citizen neighbors. He never creates trouble nor quarrels with other fellow citizens. He is patient and tolerant of other faiths and religions. He never hurts the sentiments of the people of other religions . He believes in equality, liberty, and fraternity. He follows the principle of living and let live. He is always watchful and alert to expose the anti-national elements. He takes keen interest in the happenings of the country. He is well aware of what is happening in the country and the world.

An ideal citizen is a man of principles and ideals. He never compromises them. He works hard to further strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation. He is kind, truthful, hardworking, sincere and cooperative. He is never idle and makes useful contribution to the progress of the society. He helps the poor, the weak and the needy. to get his children trained and educated. An ideal citizen strives He sees that they develop into good and useful citizens. He adopts family planning and other welfare measures. Greatest good of greatest number should be his ideal. He is ever ready to sacrifice his personal interest for the sake of higher and greater interests of the society.

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