Short Paragraph on A Prize Distribution

By | September 22, 2018

The 5th of February was fixed for the prize-distribution in our school. As the Director of Education had kindly consented to preside over the occasion and to give away the prizes, great preparations were made for his reception. Invitations were issued to the local gentry, the approaches to the school were decorated with flower pots and huntings, and swallow-tailed flags waved in the air. The hall was very tastefully decorated with Union Jacks and photos of their Majesties. On one side, models of handwriting, drawings, maps, clay toys, and other things made by the boys themselves were exhibited. A raised dais was prepared at the furthest end for the President. To the right and left, there were tables for prizes, and chairs for distinguished visitors and the staff. The boys squatted on the floor.

The various prizes were arranged on the tables. Books, clocks, medals, pens, pencils, and numerous other things handsomely tied with ribbons were very attractive. The boys in their gala dresses and colored turbans looked bright and happy and made the whole scene very picturesque.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The President arrived at 4 p.m. and was received at the entrance by the Head Master and the senior teachers. The school band played. When he entered the hall, all rose in their places. After he had taken his seat, the Head Master read his report which was a very satisfactory record of all-round progress. When the report was over, there were a few songs and recitations from the boys of the High Classes, and an Urdu poem, specially composed for the occasion, describing the advantages of education, was read by Maulvi Nur Din. The President then gave away prizes to the successful students who were loudly cheered.

Then the President made a short but sweet speech, in which he expressed his pleasure at the progress which the school had made, and the reputation which it had gained as an efficient institution, and exhorted the teachers to keep the high ideals of their profession always before them. He advised the students to play games in the right spirit and to form regular habits. He promised to consider the needs of the school and to do was possible to meet them. After a vote of thanks to the President, the meeting dispersed, and the prize-winners left the hall with faces beaming with delight.

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