Essay on My Favorite Game (400 Words)

By | September 10, 2018

Badminton is my favorite game. I like it the most. I play it in the leisure time in the morning and evening. I play it in my college and also at home. Before our house there is much open space in the park. There we have a badminton court. We practice the game in that court.

This game was actually born a long time ago in the Sub-continent. From there it spread to other countries of Europe and Asia. Today it is very It is played both by men and women. It is a racket and shuttle game. The shuttle is hit by the players with their rackets in opposite directions.

I was introduced to the game by my elder brother. Then I was just 7 years old. Now, I am captain of our college badminton team. We have won many trophies, shields, medals and certificates in team and individual events. Its appeal is universal. People like to play it or see it being played. It is becoming more and more popular on the international scene.[the_ad id=”17141″]

It is a very interesting game, full of excitement. It provides much exercise and helps in keeping a person healthy. It makes a player very active, alert, watchful, exact and sure in his or her movements. It also helps in making quick and right judgement.

Badminton players have good stamina and power of judgement. It is not costly as well. It helps in developing sportsman spirit among the players. It promotes I have and mutual cooperation patriotism brotherhood traveled through many cities of the country only because of badminton. I hope it will help me to go to some foreign countries as well in future. I devote all my leisure time in its practice.

The game of badminton makes the players more disciplined, healthy, hardworking and positive in attitude. There is hardly anything to match the thrill and suspense the game provides both to the players and spectators. Nadeem Ejaz is my favourite player and my hero. He inspires me a lot. I have met high personally a number of times. I met him the last time in Karachi where I had gone to participate in a badminton tournament.

Badminton stars like Joko Suprianto of Indonesia, Frost Henson of Denmark, Jalani Sidek of Malaysia etc. are my role models. Their games have ever delighted me. I saw them in action on T.V. Some of the badminton matches played between big stars have been seen by me in person. They are part of my memorable experience.

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