Essay on My Father’s Profession

By | September 14, 2018

Lawers and Advocate are an essential part of our legal system. The whole system helps in maintaining the law and order. The lawyers are thorough professionals. They are expert in their field.  It is a challenging job and needs a sharp mind, argumentative skills, and aptitude for the court life.

My father is a lawyer by profession. He has been in the profession for the last twenty years. He is well-known as a lawyer. He sits in his chamber and has three assistant lawyers and two helpers. He embraced the law as his profession in his early twenties. He graduated from the Punjab University and then did his L.L.B from the same University.

A lawyer can specialize as a criminal lawyer, a civil lawyer, labour lawyer or as a constitutional expert. There are other specializations as well. The scope is very vast but challenging. There is much money for experts and hard working advocates. [the_ad id=”17141″]

My father is a very busy man. He is busy at home as well. He never sleeps before eleven at the night. He is surrounded by his clients and assistants. He has handsome income. But he is conscious of his social obligations as an advocate. He will not charge even a rupee if the case is genuine and that of a very poor person. He is very proud of his profession. But at the same time he is aware of the greed in the profession and corruption in law courts.

He is sober and yet jovial. He enjoys laughing sometimes. At times he laughs at himself, his fellow advocates and the profession. But he is He often cracks jokes about the in his criticism never harsh or bitter legal system and those who have embraced law as a profession. One of his many standard jokes is:

A man was coming out of a graveyard after offering “fateha” on the grave of his wife. Then he saw a grave and its tombstone read, “Here lies a lawyer, and an honest man.” He thought for a moment and then remarked, “Really a very bad time. They are putting them two in a grave.”

When I heard the joke for the first time, I almost roared with laughter. I’m proud of my father and his gentle nature but I am afraid I shall not follow his profession.

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