Co-education System in Pakistan English Essay

By | September 6, 2018

Co-education System in Pakistan (400 Words)

Outlines for Coeducation System

  • Co-education is very common in the world

  • it’s benefits

  • possibility or both

  • male and female teachers to teach

  • disadvantages of co-education

  • when co-education can be successful on the whole

  • co-education is useful

“Co-education is welcome when it sets boy and girls to compete with each other intellectually and to learn jointly from the most learned or highly qualified teachers.”

Co-education is very common in the world today. In many countries boys and girls study together in schools, colleges and universities, Co-education has a number of benefits. First of all, it gives a chance to boys and girls to study and work together. It brings them closer. They learn to co-operate. As a result, they can easily work together in offices, hospitals, factories and other public places to serve their country and nation.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Co-education is of great benefit to the poorer countries. These countries cannot easily open separate colleges and universities for boys and girls in all subjects. For higher education, only a few universities or colleges. There boys and girls can study together. Highly specialized teachers can benefit them at one place. in co-education, there is a healthy competition between boys and girls. Boys try to do better than girls in studies. So girls work harder to be better than boys. As a result, both can make quick progress. Both male and female teachers can easily teach in co-education. They can discuss their subjects and jointly work for the progress of the students. Co-education has some disadvantages as well. Boys and girls studying together may become too much free with each other.

Girls cannot play games or take part in debates so freely in a co-educational institution. They cannot easily have a hostel on its campus. It may be difficult for a teacher to explain some subjects like psychology or zoology to boys and girls together. Girls may not like to ask , questions from teachers in the presence of boys. In co-education, girls and boys try to be more and more fashionable. They try to wear clothes of the latest fashion to impress one another. Thus, they begin attending to their dress more than to their studies.

Co-education can be successful when there is a proper atmosphere for studies. Students as well as teachers should be devoted to studies. There should be perfect discipline. Social conditions have a direct effect upon educational institutions. Where men and women freely work together in offices, factories and shops, boys and girls can study together at ease in schools, colleges and universities. On the whole (overall), co-education is useful. We may . have it in the higher classes alone until the social conditions improve (become better).

Co-education System in Pakistan (600 Words)

[the_ad id=”17142″]I am a student at a coeducational college. Co-education has been there in our schools and colleges for the last many years. There are many co-educational colleges in the city. It is no more a foreign system.

It is becoming increasingly popular day by day. In my class, there are 35 students. Out of it, 20 are boys and 15 girls. With the spread of education, more and more girls are joining schools and colleges. It is a healthy sign. It also has some disadvantages. Co-education has many advantages But advantages are far greater than disadvantages. It is wrong to say that studies in coeducational institutions that they get students to neglect busy in making friends with the students of the opposite sex that there is much indiscipline because of co-education. My own experience shows that there is much to studies in coeducational college and devotion more seriousness, There is a kind of healthy and desirable competition. Everyone tries to do his or her best. Students are more disciplined and orderly. There may be expectations. In the beginning, when co-education was introduced, there were some problems. But now it is quite normal. Every new system takes its own time to settle down.

Co-education gives an early chance to boys and girls to know each other. It is very beneficial. Half the world is that of women. Co-education helps in their better understanding and appreciation. Later, in life, there is better cooperation and understanding between men and women as husbands and wives. Boys and girls educated and trained together make better citizens, parents, and couples. Co-education provides them an early chance to know each other’s mental make-up and psychology. It also helps in removing such evils as dowry and prejudice against women.

[the_ad id=”17150″]Economically cool also co-education is best suited to our country. Pakistan is a developing country. It is a vast country with a large population. The rate of literacy among women is very low, it is not possible for a country like Pakistan to have separate schools and colleges for girls. It means a lot of extra cost and expenses, separate colleges also mean the need to double the number of trained teachers. Pakistan cannot afford it. At many places, the number of girl students is not large enough to merit a separate college. It makes matter more uneconomical. Thus, the co-education system avoids waste and saves the economy.

The co-education also helps in making the right choice of partners in marriage. Girls become smart, intelligent and practical and can choose their own husbands. Or they can help the parents to take the right decision. A girl educated in a separate She cannot be as and spineless college is bound to be shy practical, bold and firm in such matters as her sisters educated in co-educational institutions.

There is no harm in educating girls and boys together. What is needed is a little more imagination, watchfulness and care. Students in co-educational college should be given more personal attention and care. They need personal counseling and guidance. They should be given education but with care and caution. If proper care is taken there would be no harmful results.

Sometimes, students become over-conscious in matters of fashion in such institutions. They pay undue attention to their personal looks. The students try to attract the attention of the opposite sex in this way. But it is not a very serious problem. It can be solved easily with tact. What is needed is that students should not be allowed to remain idle. There should be a lot of creative activity. And the teachers should be well trained in the psychology of boy and girl students.

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