Short Paragraph on Scouting (430 Words)

By | August 22, 2018

The Scout Movement has been recently started, but it has spread rapidly in all the countries of the world and has become very popular. It was started by Sir Baden Powel of England, and from there it was introduced in Pakistan some years ago. In Punjab, the movement has been very successful and is patronized by the Government. Every Government and Aided School has Scout Troop, and satisfactory arrangements exist for giving young men the necessary training.

The movement is confined to young men. Its aim is to develop their character and to train them for social service, so that they may grow into loyal and useful citizens. They are trained in habits of obedience, cleanliness, and truthfulness. They are taught to he always active and ready for any useful service which may be required of them and for which they may be fit. All scouts are equal, and are brothers, and have to take a pledge before they become scouts to obey the Scout Law and to be loyal to the King and to the country. A Scout’s word is always to be believed.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There are different grades. The beginners are called Cubs. They merely take part in games, and their interest is roused by general instruction in cleanliness and alertness. When they have learned the Scout Law and received some elementary training, they become Tender-foots, but before being admitted to this Class, they have to pass a test examination to show their fitness. As Tenderfoots, they receive a badge. After that, according to the progress made, they are admitted to higher grades and give suitable hedges. Scout are trained in First Aids, cycling, swimming, cooking, extinguishing fire, and other useful and practical arts. Games are especially encouraged to make them active. They are also taught how to put up tents, make rope bridges, and raise a flag.

A scout looks very smart in his uniform. He always carries a rope and a handkerchief, and a long stick is always with him for use in emergencies. This is his outfit. Scouts salute by raising the first two fingers of the right hand to the forehead, and when they shake hands, they are the left hand. In several Punjab schools, scout troops have bands of their own. Service Associations, which exist in various parts of the country, are also modeled after the Scout troops. These are unofficial bodies engaged in social work. The Scouts render very useful service on great fairs. They are also helpful to needy people. A gathering of Scouts is called a Rally, and a large gathering is called a Jamboree. 

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