Short Paragraph on A Dacoity

By | August 29, 2018

A dacoity is a big crime. but whenever we pick up the newspaper we read about a decoity mugging and murders. Dacoity is committed in the presence of the housemates. The dacoits break into the house and commit the crime.

A daring dacoity was committed at the house of a rich Zamindar, named Zia-ur-Rehman, in the village of Nain Sukh. Sixteen dacoits, armed with guns, started from Lahore of the night of 12th November, crossed the Ravi in a boat, and reached the village on the night between the 13th and 14th November 1994. The Zamindar was off to some other place. His wife, his sister, his two sons, and two or three servants were in the house.

At midnight, six of the dacoits ascended the roof of the house by means of a ladder, brought from a neighboring house. They jumped into the courtyard from the roof. overpowered the male inmates, and opened the door for the remaining party to enter.

They asked the lady of the house about the keys of the safes. Not believing her, when she said she had no keys, and that her husband was away, they heat her mercilessly and threatened to put her infant son to death. They then broke open the iron safe and other boxes. In the meantime, one servant managed to go on the roof and raised a hue and cry. Some of the people of the neighborhood assembled there in consequence of the cries raised, but nobody dared to go near the dacoits. The dacoits ransacked and plundered the house for full two hours.

They left the house. leisurely, and while going, they inflicted some injuries on two or three villagers, who tried to arrest one of the gang. The loss is estimated at Rs. 6.00.000 cash, and some jewelry as well.

The police is investigating, but no clue has yet been found of the culprits. Move over it has become so common practice that for the police it is not anything extraordinary. Unfortunately, no decoity is recovered. The performance of the police is very unsatisfactory. In fact, they have their own problems.

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