Short Paragraph on Life in a College Hostel

By | July 20, 2018

A college hostel is a sort of a world in itself. It contains countless types of boys. It also provides a field for the free play of those principles and rules which govern the world. The difference is that a hostel is a world on a smaller scale.

in The life in a hostel is very pleasant and useful. It is an admitted fact that it trains a boy in an independent way of living. The boy has to lead his life separately in his cubicle. He is not led by the nose. He breathes the air of freedom. No parental control is there to sap his independence. All day long he is absolutely free to do what he likes. He is at liberty to acquire any habit or tastes which will stick to him forever. In this, he gets training for life. He must shake off all his shyness and learn how to cooperate with others.

Life in the hostel is marked by a clock-like regularity. A student gets up at the proper time in the morning to take his exercise and say his prayers. He gets his meals at regular intervals. He plays his games in the evening regularly. Studies and fun also form a part of the daily timetable. Punctuality and regularity are a necessity and become a habit with him.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The discipline in the hostel places the character of a boy on a firm footing. He realizes all his duties clearly. He knows his duty towards his fellows in the hostel and strives to do it. Here he gets a chance for the display of subtle elements in him. He has to sacrifice his interests many a time for the sake of others. He identifies his happiness with the happiness of others. This makes life very educative.

He tries to find out a society for himself which molds his character. Some of the acquaintances formed last throughout his life. This is a serious question. This step may make or mar him. If he gets into good society. he is sure to rise in this world. But bad society will certainly ruin him. So he has to be very careful in the choice of associates among whom he moves. But whatever the case may be, he at least learns how to move in society. By mixing with all types of boys, he gains experience and learns how to tackle them all.

There is another enviable advantage to the students residing in a hostel. There is no college hostel without playgrounds. Usually, the hostels are beside these grounds. So that the Boarders have a greater chance than the day-scholars to win a name in the field of sports. And they do so. Most of those who win laurels in this sphere live in hostels. So life in a college hostel builds character, makes a man regular, provides him ample scope for the free play of his activities.

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