Short Paragraph on an Incident of My Life

By | July 3, 2018

There occur certain incidents in one’s life which imprint unremovable marks on one’s mind. Such incidents always teach us a serious lesson. I relate to such an incident.

Once I set out on a journey from Lahore to Bahawalpur by the night train. When I got into the compartment, I little knew that the journey would produce an important incident in my life. I was feeling and happy. I was traveling in first class and so there were only a few passengers in the compartment. All went on well for some time. I enjoyed their company but at they all got down and took tea and edibles. It was midnight.

It happened so that at about one O’clock I found that I was all alone in the compartment. When the train was about to start, a young smart lady entered the compartment. She thought a very clever plan of depriving me of my money and involving me in trouble which would have ruined my whole career. She now came to me and threatened that if I did not hand over to her the whole of the money I had, she would shout loudly and give out to the people that I had robbed her. This threat of hers almost stunned me. It was a very critical situation. I thought hard and at last hit upon a novel plan of getting out of this trouble. I showed that I was not only dumb but deaf also. I requested her to express herself in writing. This had a visible effect on that woman. She very gladly wrote that if I did not give all the money I had with me she would pull the chain and give out to the people that I had robbed her. Having got this in writing from her I made haste to pull the chain. The train stopped. The engine – driver and the guard came to the compartment and asked what the matter was. The woman, clever as she was, burst into tears that I had robbed her of a thousand rupees. All the passengers seemed to believe in her story.

In the meanwhile, the railway police constable had arrived. I told them all that the woman was a clever cheat and that I had pulled the chain in self-defence. I narrated the whole fact and produced the piece of writing given by. Now the woman turned pale and stood convicted of her own guilt. She was arrested and handed over to the railway police. It was in this way that I came out safe from the terrible incident which would have ruined the whole of my life.

Since the day. I have become much conscious and alert while travelling especially by train. Al last, I reached Bahawalpur at about 4 a.m. ma pulse was still throbbing high. This was the most unforgettable incident of my life.

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