Short Paragraph on My Pleasure Trip

By | June 17, 2018


  • Trip to Quetta.
  • In the train.
  • In the bus.
  • Visit to Nakhi Lake.
  • Visit to Ziarat.
  • Visit to Zahidan.
  • Visit to Sanitorium.
  • Bathing in Nakhi Lake.
  • Return

Two years ago in the May Vacation I went to Quetta on a pleasure trip with my college friends. It was a nice trip which I shall never forget.

As it was the hot season we decided to travel by a night train from Sukkur. For about an hour we had a pleasant journey. As there was not much of sight seeing, we found pleasure in conversation, which was mixed with jokes and laughter.

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Gradually our compartment became over-crowded, and the atmosphere seemed to grow a bit dull. But to our joy two travelers made it lively by their humorous talks. After some time we went to sleep.

Next morning we got up just in time and the train arrived at Machh station. We alighted from it and went to the bus station to reserve our seats. At this time I had a glimpse of Bolan mountains which was squatting majestically bathing in the rays of the rising sun.

After some time our upward journey began. Our bus went on taking the curves on the zigzag metalled road and we were extremely pleased to see the beauty of the charming valleys which we passed by. It took about an hour to reach the summit, but it was an hour crowded with joy. After reaching Quetta we made necessary arrangements for our stay in a hotel. Then we went to Bolan Pass near Shahi Fountain. It looked so nice and sweet that I gazed and gazed at it. On reaching its shore we plunged into its cool water and swam in it for about 15 minutes.

In the afternoon we went to the small but decent bazar, and from there we went to the Sunset Point. There were hundreds of persons like us who had come there to see the glory of the setting sun. The sight of the setting sun was simply marvelous. Even today it is fresh in my memory.

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