Short Paragraph on Life of a Soldier

By | June 16, 2018


  • Professional soldier and civilian soldier.
  • Training.
  • First experience on the battlefield.
  • Hardships and dangers.
  • His family and home.

All soldiers are not professional. During the war, even civilians are conscripted to fight as soldiers. When the war is over, these civilian soldiers return to their original occupations, whereas the professional soldier remains always a soldier whether there is war or peace.

Before a man is taken to the battle-front to fight, he is given, the necessary training by means of drils, exercises and mock battles. A soldier under training leads a very hard life. He gets up early in the morning ready for his keep-fit exercise and drill. He has to march on foot with heavy shoes for several miles. He must know riding, shooting, and swimming.

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He puts on a khaki dress, usually a shirt and a shirt with a Khaki hat or turban. His boots are very heavy to bear the wear and téar of actual warfare.”

When after training, he is first on the battlefield and sees the enemy shooting at him, his heart beats violently. Perhaps he is a little nervous, perhaps he becomes enraged and rushes on the enemy with his rifle. Suddenly an enemy plane comes and he ducks down. Sometimes he is wounded by the enemy’s machine-gunning or bomb. If he is wounded, he is removed to a hospital and does not see war till he is fit again.

His life at the front is full of hardships. He cannot shave or bathe himself for days together. He has a hasty meal under the very nose of the enemy. He may not even get food or water for some days if the battle is critical.

He has his family to whom he writes from the front. He even feels lonely without it and eagerly awaits news from his wife and children. When he get some leave to go home, his joy knows no bounds. The atmosphere of peace and love at home contrats strongly with the sound and noises of the battlefront.

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