Short Paragraph on College Life

By | June 17, 2018

College life is beautiful, easily the best season of one’s life. One is free from all sorts of cares and anxieties merry as a linnet and gay as a cricket in summer. Life is not all sunshine, but the few years one spends at college are certainly the most glorious period of life the spring-time of one’s life. All have heard about its gaieties, but few have the good fortune to know them.

As a rule when one enters college, one is on the threshold of youth-which, by common consent, is the most blissful period of life to quotę Hazlitt, ‘There is a feeling of eternity in youth which makes us amends for everything.’ To be young is to be as one of the Immortals. Youth and buoyancy of spirit go together. Later in life, in his Immortality Ode, Wordsworth talked of youth

…..a time meadow, grove and stream,
The earth; and every common sight,
To me did seem,
in Apparelled in celestial light,
The glory and freshness of a dream.

Youth is full of splendid visions, tantalizing dreams, buoyant hopes and youthful illusions. One dreams without bothering about making them real.

How beautiful is youth! how bright its gleams
With its illusions, aspirations and dreams!

It is in this mood that life is best enjoyed. We think our father’s fools, so wise we grow; Our wiser sons, no boubt, will us so.–(Pope) The various attractions of college life-sports, excursions, companions, debates, symposiums, politics, love, studies, poetry, and last but not least, professors, make this life the envy of all.[the_ad id=”17141″]

It is a period of pleasure. Yes. But it has its pains and responsibilities too. It is the formative period of one’s life, the forming, fixing period, the seed time of disposition and habits. In youth we learn; in age, we understand. If we fail to learn’ in this period we are left nincompoops for life. No knowledge without college is a commonplace adage. It is, however, substantially true. What we become in later life depends largely own how we conduct ourselves at college This opportunity comes but once in a life-time, and it behooves all college students to make the best of it by devoting. themselves to learning, by gathering the wisdom of East and West.

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One need not be a bookworm. It is very wrong to shut oneself up in the ivory tower of the study, and the library. All work and no play makes one, a dull boy. College life offers scope for all-round development physical, moral and mental. Those who are determined to make the best of this short period of life, look not only to their intellectual development but also to the physical and moral sides. Athletics play a very important part in physical and moral development and determine character. Colleges are sometimes described as moral armouries and the description is quite apt. Discipline, self-help, knowledge are a few of the many things one acquires if one cares to.

College life is a life of freedom. Its soul is liberty, liberty to feel, think, do just as one pleases. There is no curb on one’s freedom. Intellectually also one is free to think and thoughts, dream any dreams. School-life, when one is in constant dread of one’s teachers. Offers a sad contract to college life when one meets one’s professors on equal footing and can discuss anything without any fear. At college one develops the social instinct, the instinct of chivalry, neighbourliness, friendship and service. Our whole nature expands and a new entity is added to our soul. We outgrow the narrowness of self centered existence and learn to live for others. College life is the solvent of selfishness.

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