Short Paragraph on A Railway Smash

By | June 17, 2018

A serious Railway collision is reported from Harappa, a small station in the Sahiwal District. The collision took place about a mile from the station between the 25 Up and the 20 Down at about 11 at night. It was a dark night, and the lights were not very bright. The Station Master had given the line clear, and the train had started, when he received a message that a train was coming from the other direction. It was this late message which was really the cause of the smash. The station authorities could do nothing. Besides, it had been found out that the drivers of both these trains were drunk, and though the fireman of the 20 Down had discovered some dim light at the distance as that of an engine, and warned the driver, yet his warning was not heeded.

The two engines collided, and as one eye-witness puts it, both stood up on end like two grim giants or: black elephant at close grips. The back carriages of both trains were fortunately separated and ran back to a great distance on the rails, which saved them, but two or three bogies next to the engines were derailęd and fell down. The engines have been smashed to a pulp, and the carriages are mere splinters. About twenty men have been found dead and more than fifty seriously wounded.

The news of the collision reached the stations on either side very soon, and people from neighboring villages rushed to the spot and did all they could to help the unfortunate passengers. It was a scene of wild confusion. Heartrending cries were heard from all sides. Women and children were screaming with agony. Wires were dispatched to the Railway authorities at headquarters, and medical and other aid reached early in the morning.

It is hoped, a thorough inquiry will be made into the origin of this sad accident, and suitable steps will be taken to prevent a recurrence of such disasters. Since the doubling of the line from Sahiwal to Lahore, no such collisions have taken place there. May we hope that on branch lines, also, the Railway Administration will as far as possible double the line?

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