Paragraph on the Value of Literature in Education

By | June 30, 2018

The educative value of literature cannot be denied. Real education does not mean passing a few University examinations, Education is not simply equipment to enable us to near our means of livelihood. True education lies in the development of one’s intellectual, more and spiritual faculties. Mere knowledge of facts is not true education. A truly educated man is he who knows himself and his position and duties in this world. Literature in education plays an important role in the development of our faculties and in the building of our character.

The two broad types of education prevalent in the civilized countries of the world are vocational education and liberal education. Vocational education imparts knowledge of some are which helps us earn our living. It is a liberal education that serves the purpose of education in the true sense because it helps us to develop all our inner faculties. People usually criticize literature because it does not bring any monetary gain. But this is not the right viewpoint. The place of literature in education should not be judged in terms of money. Literature reveals to us the various aspects of life, its mystery. joys and sorrows, its beauty and ugliness as well as its depth and vastness. Knowledge of literature makes a man perfect. It is impossible for us to experience life to the entire.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The value of Philosophy or History pales in significance when compared with that of literature. Philosophy has certain practical and intellectual utilities but literature is superior to both. It has its emotional and aesthetic values also.

It is literature that makes us refined. It enhances our powers of observation; it increases our depths of insight and widens our outlook on life. Literature is the history of nations genius and culture. To study, literature is to study the genius and culture of a nation.

Some critics hold that the study of literature renders us unfit for the struggle of life. But this is not entirely true. The aim of the study of literature is not to furnish us with the necessary equipment for any particular profession. It simply trains our mind and makes as efficient. Hence, it is right to say that Literature plays a very prominent in educating our generations.

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