Paragraph on Holidays and How to Spend Them

By | June 30, 2018

Holidays are meant for rest and recreation. The severe strain put upon the brain of students by having to remain constantly engaged in studies, during several months in the year, makes it necessary for the brain to have some rest. This rest is afforded by the vacations.

The holidays should, therefore, be utilized in such a manner as to give some rest to the body and mind, for which they are primarily intended. This does not. however, mean that the days should be whiled away idly in sleeping and doing nothing else. Vacations give complete liberty to students, liberty from the dull routine of college and liberty from daily duty and responsibility, but in enjoying this liberty they should be methodical. Recreations like walking in open air, rowing, and playing recreations and some good game should be among the daily pursuits. Books should not altogether be avoided. Some reading, without over-burdening the mind, should be done.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Old lessons done in college should be revised or else on rejoining college after the vacations everything will be forgotten and it would indeed he hard labor for the student to make up. The reading of light literature, such as good novels, histories and biographies should form an essential part of the vacation routine. It is a good habit on the part of students to read useful books outside their prescribed texts, for this helps to widen their knowledge and to improve their language and style of writing and no better time can be found for this purpose than a long vacation. This is also the time for those students who are weak in any subject or have fallen in arrears with regard to their studies to make up their deficiencies. At no other time can they expect to get sufficient time and leisure for the purpose.

Paying visits to friends and relatives and thereby having an opportunity to see new places is another pleasant occupation. Those who can afford may quite profitably spend their time in visiting places of interest. Travelling broadens the mental outlook and increases knowledge. The interesting things to be seen in places of historic importance, the natural scenery of places famous for this, enliven and refresh the mind.

If holidays are spent in the way indicated above, there is no doubt that every student will have renewed vigor and energy at the close and will be quite fit to take again the hard life of a student and bear the rigors cheerfully.

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