Man Is the Architect of His Own Fate Paragraph

By | June 16, 2018


  • The saying encourages industry and ambition.
  • The industry is the key to success.
  • Examples of men achieving greatness through their own efforts.
  • One should not be disheartened by setback or obstacle.
  • not scope for fatalism.

This saying persuades the idle to work, encourages the industrious to put in more work and inspires the ambitious to hit at the sky with all their might. It is an unfailing blow to fatalism to fondly cherished by us. Man is born free and shall remain free to shape his. own fate. He has every right to fix his goal of life, without being discouraged by friends, foes of circumstances. Once this is done, he should chalk out his line of action. Then he must prepare himself for hard work to achieve the end.

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A man may select any sphere of activity. He may aspire to be a great politician, a great social worker, a great industrialist or a great literary figure. He is sure to reach the highest ring of the ladder if he’ works hard. The strength of will should be his chisel and industry should be his hammer. With undying patience and untiring perseverance, he can reshape the ugliest and awkward circumstance into the most favorable ones. Late Ramsay Macdonald was a newspaper boy and attained the enviable position of the Premier of England by hard work. Late Mr. Ford rose to the position of the greatest industrialist of America through the same power. Late Quaid-i-Azam became the greatest political and social leader of Indo-Pakistan subcontinent due to the strength of character and great will-power, Bernard Shaw became one of the greatest literary persons of the world by ambition and industry. None of them depended on fate nor did they bless or blame the stars.[the_ad id=”17141″]

But to attain such a goal is not a child’s play, nor is it a miracle to be achieved within a day. It is not a game of chance. Working without steadiness will not help any ons. Adverse circumstance’s check a man’s progress and apparent failures may unnerve him. The road to success in never straight and leveled. It has ups and downs, therefore man should work hard. At times he may find himself in the difficulties but he must have the courage to work hard till the sky is clear. Gradually he gets success.

However, it is sometimes said that man is the creature of circumstances and is a puppet in the hands of chance. More often than not we find many deserving persons rotting in darkness because of their adverse circumstances. On the contrary, we often find worthless persons becoming great by sheer chance.

“Man proposes and God disposes of.” is a wise saying for the sake of consolation after failure. The existence of divine power cannot be denied. But the saying, in no way, encourages blind faith in fate. At a matter of fact this saying should be read along with the saying. “God helps those who help themselves.” No person, therefore, should yield to circumstances. He can fight against circumstances and can create better circumstances for him. He must always bear in mind the following couple.

I am the master of my face.
I am the captain of my soul.

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