Essay on My First Day at School

By | June 9, 2018

It was a memorable day of my life when I joined my school. Then I was just a kid of four years. I wanted to go to school like other boys and girls. Then, one fine day, my father took me to a public school. Few verses were recited from the Holy Quran and after dua in the house, sweets were distributed. We went to our car. I was admitted to the nursery class at my school.

I remember everything that happened that day in school. My father filled in a form and some other papers. He paid my fees at the counter and led me to the classroom. Then my father left. It did not take me long to make friends with other children. They were all boys and girls of my age. They were all playing with toys and enjoying themselves, but a girl was crying. Soon our teacher went to her. She lifted the girl into her lap and comforted her. She was a gentle and pretty lady. She always looked after us well with loving care and told us short stories and recited rhymes. She often wore colored Shalwar Kameez with a scarf. Sometimes she also came in a sari and full sleeved top.

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I was given a seat in the front row but we could change our seats as we liked. Our teacher often sang rhymes and little songs and asked us to follow her. It was a delightful exercise. Soon I learned a couple of rhymes and songs. When I recited them to my parents at home, they were very much excited. In the open ground of the school, we enjoyed swings, slides, ball-games and other funs.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In the recess, we enjoyed our tiffins and lunch packets. I often shared my food with my friends Rohail and Sohail. We three enjoyed very much each other’s company. We often bought toffees, chocolates and cold drinks. That particular day I enjoyed an ice cream in the school canteen but spoiled my shirt while eating it. The school peon then cleaned it with some water and a tissue paper.

The bell rang again and the recess was over. We were back in the classroom. Then we did some painting with pencil colors. I just drew something unidentifiable. And so did other children. It was my first drawing and painting in school. However, it gave us great pleasure and satisfaction.

When the final bell rang, we were helped to board the shining yellow school bus. It was a very comfortable bus. It had low seats with bars and handles. When the bus reached the bus stop near my house, my mother was there. She was very happy and excited. As soon as I got down the bus, she lifted me up on her lap and showered me with kisses.

I told my mother how nice was my school and how I enjoyed playing, singing and eating there. From that day about 12 years have elapsed they all have been so full of enjoyment, learning, development and experience. I relished the school life. It grew more and more in richness and experience as the years went by. I am really grateful to my school, my alma mater.

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