An Interview with the man in the Moon Paragraph

By | June 14, 2018


  • I met the man in the moon.
  • His welcome to me.
  • How he came here from the moon.
  • An ascetic welcomed.
  • His routine life.
  • His surprise about wordy affairs and things.
  • My invitation to him.

Once I was roaming in a forest when I heard some noise of leaves and bushes. I expected an attack of a wild animal. But instead of its I saw a man with stranger features. He did not seem to be an inhabitant of this world. On seeing him I was somewhat frightened, but he smiled at me and called me rear him.

As soon as I went near him, he shook hands. Then he took me to his cave in the hill near the forest and offered me some fruits and water.

Then I asked him questions about his country, his migration to his country, his way of living, etc. I must admit that he was frank in giving answers to my questions. He told me that he flew from the moon to this country in a flying machine which touched the earth for a minute. There was something wrong with that machine and he had to get down near that forest. He informed me that the moon was not a pleasant country. There were no trees, forests, rivers, etc. He did not know who his parents were and how he found himself on the surface of the moon.[the_ad id=”17141″]

He informed me that when he came down on the earth, and ascetic gave him food and shelter in that very place. Gradually he became the disciple of that ascetic and stayed with him for many years. It is from him that he learned the language of our country. On my inquiry about that ascetic, he told me that he had gone underground. When I inquired on him about his life in the cave, he told me that he roamed in the forest in the morning and evening and collected fruits for eating. He had made friendship with numerous animals some of whom often roamed with him in the forest and some of whom slept near his cave at night.

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From his talk I could gather that he knew nothing about worldly men and worldly affairs. I was the first worldly man he came across He was surprised to see the watch on my hand. I was a miracle to him. My fountain-pen was a source of surprise to him.

He heard with curiosity my talks about colleges community, family, food, houses, clothes, trains, telephones, telegram, radio, gramophone, etc. All these were quite new to him. Then I invited him to accompany me to my place, but he was frightened of the very idea and politely refused to do so. While parting he gave me the present of a few moonstones. After a month I went to see him again, but I was sorry to find that the man in the moon had left that place perhaps to avoid contact with worldly persons like me.

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