Short Paragraph on My Favourite Flower

By | May 18, 2018


  • Love of flowers universal; not one is indifferent.
  • Variety so great that choice is difficult.
  • My reasons for selecting the rose.
  • It would secure many votes in contest

Much has been written of the power of music, and the greatest dramatist has warned us 40 beware of any man who does not love music. The same may well be said of flowers. It seems impossible for any one to be indifferent to the beauty and perfume of a flower. It is God’s own handiwork, straight from His workshop.

Of all the beautiful flowers of our country, I think the rose appeals to me most of all. Here it appears that the work of Nature is indeed perfect. The petals are so beautifully shaped, the form is so perfect and the colour so admirable! Some blossoms are small and delicate; others are full-sized and magnificent. The colours vary from pure white to deep red.

From early days, men in Persia made a find perfume from the petals of roses. I wonder whether they ever felt that it was cruel deed to crush the lovely petals to extract their perfume! The name of Gulistan, found so widely in the writings of the Persian poets, means “The Place of the Roses”. What alovely náme, almost in itself giving colour and odour!

Can anyone think of a more perfect offering than a bunch or a garland of roses, every bloom perfect in form and exquisite in scent? They are balm to the mind of a tired man, taking away all his worldly cares. If such a gift comes to him in the heart of the city, his mind will be carried back to some lovely rose-garden where he wandered by moonlight. The poet has said; “A rose by any other nanie would smell as sweet,” and it might be difficult to dispute the truth of this statement. But the name has come to have a deep meaning to us, and we should not like to see it changed. It is not by chance that the ti! has been selected as symbolic of beauty. The old-time Jews, if anxious for a smile, would say that a thing was as fạir as the roses of Sharon, I feel that their language reflects a universal taste and agreement in giving the first place to this flower.

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