Short Paragraph on My Favorite Novel

By | May 18, 2018


  • Robinson Crusoe.
  • Reasons for my choice.
  • Outline of the story.
  • Its moral is its lasting appeal.

To some, it may seen strange, why in a world overflowing with countless well-known novels and novelists, I should have a fancy for a simple tale like Robison Crusoe, and for a minor novelist like Daniel Defoe. My answer to this is that it is just a fancy! Indeed, there are reasons why I like this novel and why I turn to it again and again, It is a simple narrative without any complexity about it. Its plot is very simple and its development is as straightforward as a geometrically straight line. Its language is easy to understand. The author does not try to show his learning either in too deep philosophizing or too difficult language. His business is not to charm us with words but with his ideas and observations. Another reason is that it is a story of adventure and I always like such stories perhaps every youngster of my age does. I like that novel because it teaches me something very useful. I like it also because its simple homely style has helped me to improve my English. By now Robison Crusoe has come to be my closest friend and I love that character of my favorite novel. As a matter of fact, my favorite novel is a FAVORITE with me because of that character, Robinson Cruose.

Short Paragraph on Perseverance (430 Words)

A certain Englishman named Robinson started together with his friends in a boat on a voyage. The boat was caught in a fierce storm. Robinson was separated from his friends, who must have been dead or drowned. Robinson was fortunately saved and stranded on a lonely island. He had no provisions with him. The island was a wild frightful place particularly so at night when Robinson heard wild beasts growling and roaring, and the wild owls over his head screeching.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Robinsons was starved almost to the point of death. His clothes were torn. He had no roof to shelter him. How he killed some game with a gun fortunately left with him, and how he fed himself, how patiently and laboriously he built himself a wooden housė, how he manufactured probably the first umbrella in the world to protect himself from rains and sunshine, how he prepared a boat from the trunk of a tree, how he prepared for himself a coat from the skin of wild animals and barks of trees, how he led a solitary and yet a happy life in the lonely island and how finally he went back to his country–are most interesting and son less skilful things we come across in the novel.

I think, no one reads a novel again and again for its story; for the story, when once known, loses its charm and novelty. It is for something else that one turns to his FAVORITE novel. For myself, I turn to Robinson Crusoe again and again, because it teaches me a very useful moral of how to be self-supporting and self-dependent in life. Supposing one was standard like Robinson, one should not lose heart, but face life boldly by producing all the necessities of life with one’s own hands. It teaches me that true happiness consists in being selfreliant and self-dependent. I hope; I shall never get tired of this FAVORITE novel of mine, at least for the valuable lesson of life which it illustrates in the life of its chief character Robinson Crusoe.

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