Short Paragraph on Family Planning

By | May 10, 2018

Family planning has become very important in the modern world. It means the restriction on number of children so that there may be an adjustment in the size and the income of a family. There has been a big increase in the population during the recent years. If there is no check on the increase of birth-rate, the consequences will be very grave. With the present growth rate of population, Pakistan is expected to have a population of 240 million by 1995 as against 110 million today. This would hinder all economic progress. There is already food shortage in Pakistan. As a result, the people will be unable to feed themselves properly. Hence it has become necessary to check the increase of population.

Although the idea of Family Planning is simple yet its execution is not easy. First, boys and girls in Pakistan marry very early and start producing children till the number of children is still greater. Consequently they fail to provide their family the number of children still greater. Consequently, they fail, to provide their family with food, clothing and other facilities like schooling and training. Secondly, the masses are illiterate in our country. They are unwilling to discuss matters relating to the sex-relations. Moreover, they look upon the birth of a child as the inevitable ordain of God, and even a blessing from the blue. We should spread. education to make the makes realise its importance.[the_ad id=”17141″]

We can use many methods to check it. First, we should attempt to increase the production of food crops so that there may not be over-population. This would make the people prosperous. They would be able to afford large families. Secondly, we should adopt the system of late marriages. Boys and girls should marry when they are able to maintain their families at a good standard of living. Thirdly, the people should use contraceptive medicines to control birth. In this respect they can consult some Family Planning Centres. Lastly, we should have full control over us, because there is so best way except self-control.

Our Government is making full efforts to Family Planning very common. A Family Planning Programme has been set up on a large scale. Centers have been set up to provide free advice to the people. Necessary medicines are being provided to the villagers. Literature is published to give the Programme a wide publicity. Cash prizes, concessions and merit certificates are issued to those who are co-operative with the Family Planning Agencies. The Government is also considering to encourage those couples who have less than three children. If we follow this programme, we will progress. Our country will be come prosperous.

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