Short Paragraph on Competition

By | May 29, 2018

The conflict to outgrow a rival has had been the real spirit of competition amongst the humans through the ages. The great the rivalry, the stronger the competition. Men competing with one another produce greater results than they could achieve without the stimulus of competition. The energy inspired by competition is conspicuously displayed in every branch of life. Many instances may be quoted from history of the effects of emulation: The rivalry of Cicero and Hortensius in Rome, of Pitt and Fox in England. inspired greater oratorical effects than would have been made by these great speakers if they had not such formidable rivals to contend against. In the literary world we know that Thackeray was spurred on to write his best by admiration of Dickens, and by his determination to produce as good work as David Copperfield. These show that competition plays an important role in life.

We can witness the spirit of competition incorporate in every field of our daily life. In commerce, competition is generally of great advantage to the consumer, as rival manufacturers try to gain command of the market hy producing the best articles at the lowest price. When there is competition between different lines of railway or rival steamship companies, the result is more rapid travelling, greater comfort, and reduced fares. If a company of merchants enjoy a monopoly in the sale of a certain article, they can obtain much higher prices; for the general public must submit to the high price asked or else go without the article. This thing is not in the interest of the country as well as people.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In the sub-continent, the Portuguese who first discovered India, were so ambitious in asserting their claim to the monopoly of the trade. But as soon as the trade of the sub-continent was opened freely to all the world. European merchants competed with one another and had to pay for the products such a high price as allowed them no more than a fair profit when they exported their purchases. to these countries.

As soon as the Pakistani trade was opened freely to all the world, European merchants competed with one another and had to pay for Pakistani produce such a price as allowed them no more than a fair profit when they exported their purchases to Europe.

Now developed countries are the champions of free trade and unrestricted competition throughout the world, while many of their commercial rivals hold by the old-fashioned doctrine of protection, England led the way in application of the principle of competition to the development of trade when Queen Victoria opened the great Exhibition of 1851. Since then many other nations have followed the lead of England and held International Exhibition, in which medals are given to reward the manufacturers of the best articles of all kinds. In Pakistan every year exhibitions are held and prizes are given to the winners. Thus atmosphere of competition is created.

To sum up. conflict and competition are ever more necessary for the uplift of industry and for a better quality of products.

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