Short Paragraph on A Good Student

By | May 18, 2018
Short Paragraph on A Good Student

Short Paragraph on A Good Student

Short Paragraph on A Good Student


  • An good student is fond of studies.
  • He is regular and systematic.
  • He plans with the help of his teacher.
  • He is interested in games and other activities.
  • He is disciplined.
  • He is intrested in politics without belonging to a political party.
  • He is good to his family.
  • He is wide awake and well informed.
  • He is well-behaved.

The first duty of an good student is to study. His main interest is his studies. He is genuinely interested in his books. He doesn’t have to force himself to read. He does not require any external pressure. His parents need not goad him to study. His teachers are confident of his earnestness. He devotes most of his time to his work. He takes pleasure in his work. He does not allow any other activity to disturb or distract him.

An good student is therefore well versed in his courses of study. He is hardworking and intelligent. He is conscientious. The result is that he is regular in his work. He does not allow his work to pile up. He is attentive in the classroom. He takes notes and improves upon them at home. If there is any difficulty he consults the teacher without any hesitation. Of course he does not cram. Nor does he study only from the examination point of view. He, therefore, does not fear the examination. An examination offers him an opportunity to show and test his ability. Generally, he avails himself of this opportunity.

But he is not a book-worm. He is keen but not blind. He goes frequently beyond the prescribed text-books. Being intelligent, he is able to select his reading wisely. He does not read more than he can digest. Moreover, he does not read for show. He has well defined tastes and he develops them with patience and care. He knows his own limitations. He does not waste his time in struggling with books that are beyond his grasp. This does not mean that he remains content with his achievements. On the contrary, he makes earnest efforts to improve his mind and is systematic in his reading.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Naturally, he cannot do without the teacher’s guidance. He has faith in the superior knowledge of his teachers. He goes to them and discusses his difficulties. He then goes to the library and picks up books suggested by the teacher, Advanced students.plan their reading. There are books without number. Planning is therefore necessary. An good student does not waste his time and energy on trash. He goes to the classics, the great books; first.

Apart from studies, an good student is interested in many other things. Books are necessary but they are not everything. Constant and unbroken reading makes a person dull. If also affects one’s health. So the good student is interested in games and sports. He may not be an excellent .player of any game but he has enthusiasm for playing. If he cannot play he at least participates as a spectator, Besides games there are other general activities at a college. An good student participates in as many of these activities as possible. He picks and chooses according to his taste. If he has taste for literature he joins the literary union. Is he is interested in debating, he joins the debating society. He may be good actor. In this case he takes a prominent part in the dramatic society. In short, he contributes as much as he can to the life of the institution where he studies.

An good student’s attitude to discipline is worth mentioning. Many students look upon discipline as a check on their freedom. An good student regards discipline with respect and understanding. With him discipline is not an external force. He disciplines himself. He does not go against the rules of the college. If he finds the rules unreasonable, he goes to the principal and expresses his opinion. He is not afraid of the authorities because he is not against them. He does not agitate or join strikes on tribal issues. In fact he discourages such interdisciplinary activities. He co-operates with the authorities for running the institution along efficient lines.[ 

What is his attitude to politics? This is a controversial matter. Some persons regard politics as harmful to students. They suggest that students should keep aloof from politics. There are others who think that students most actively take part in politics. Both the positions are wrong. How can a grown-up student be blind to politics? He is an intelligent person. He reads newspapers, listens to the radio, reads books, keeps his eyes and ears open. Can be remain ignorant of the political currents in his country? The answer is an emphatic no. Now if he cannot remain ignorant he cannot help taking some interest in politics. The problem is what should be the extent of his interest.

An good student solves this problem in a very intelligent manner. He takes interest in politics. He tries his best to understand what is happening in the country and in the world. But he keeps his mind open. He does not jump to conclusions. He may discuss political issues with his friends or on the college platform, but he does not allow his mind to become prejudiced. He does not, therefore, attach himself to any political party. He remains free. Normally speaking, he does not take part in demonstrations and strikes. He is wise enough to know that such things are often engineered by interested political parties. It is only in times of national crisis that he may give up his studies and join a political organization. Many students, for instance, took an active part in the struggle for independence. Many of them Here good students. They sacrified their studies temporarily for the noble cause. 

An good students generally on affectionate terms with his parents and other members of the family. He loves them and is loved in return. He is not impudent. He knows the financial condition of his parents and does his best to economize in everything. He is never a burden on them. Some hardworking students work and earn even as they study. In our country this practice is not so common. In foreign countries most of the students work during the vacation to supplement their allowance. Unfortunately here people look down upon a student who does tuition or any other work. This should not be so. An good student, in any case, does not mind working if necessary.

As suggested above, an good student is well-informed. His interests are not narrow. There is no harm if he takes interest in films, · Only he should not become a filmaddict. He should try to know everything. He should know what is where. It is unfortunate that many of our students lack general knowledge. This is because they do not read newspapers. They think it is a waste of time. They have no hobbies except idle talk. Chitchat is delightful but you cannot talk intelligently without being well-informed. An good student does not waste his time in useless gossip.

Of course, an good student is well-behaved, He is graceful in everything that he does. He tries to be sweet to others. He is not selfish. As far as possible he helps weaker boys in studies. Wherever he may be he gives a good account of himself. In his personal appearance he is neat and clean and simple. He does not misbehave in the bus or on the roadside. In fact the question of misbehaviour does not arise. He may commit mistakes as anyone may. But he is not ashamed of admitting his mistakes. He tries to remove them as best as he can.

An intelligent interest in studies, wide but systematic reading, interest in extra-curricular activities, general knowledge, simplicity and grace these are some of the most important qualities of an good student.

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