Paragraph on the World in Five Hundred Year’s Time

By | May 21, 2018


  • We can only conjecture. Unexpected things.
  • The tendency to depends so much on maclines.
  • Possibility of exhaustion of food supplies. On the whole, I am glad I am living now.

In writing on such a subject as this, there is one thing which is a great consolation to me. My views cannot be contradicted or proved to be wrong. You must wait for five hundred years to test them out, so I am on safe ground in setting forth my opinions. There are various tendencies and trend; which lead us to ascertain conclusions.

In the first place, a great feature of our modern life is the extent to which men are depending on machines to work for them. A man seldom thinks of walking a distance if he can be taken quickly to his destination in a motor car. There are trains, tram-cars, buses and so walking is becoming an oldfashioned method of travel. We do not see men digging up their fields now a days or guiding the oxen with the plough. Instead of the horrow a steam or motor-tractor is used to break up the surface of the soil, and the seed too is often scattered by machinery. If we do not use any part of the body, it tends to grow weak and finally disapears. That is why it seems to me that the mến of five centuries after this will have short and weak arms, hardly any legs at all, but will be possessed of large heads with prominent foreheads. to accommodate their powerful and over-developed brains.

Already some scientists are sounding a warning that the world’s food supplies are becoming exhausted. Owing to the improvement in medical services, and the discovery of drugs and medicines of great efficiency, men and women live longer and the world’s population is increasing by leaps and bounds. In Pakistan; the average duration of life has increased, but the amount of food produced by the country has not increased at the same rate as the numbers in the population. Unless we turn to a scientific and serious expansion of food production, the people of the future will have to fące starvation. This is a serious and real problem.

New inventions may arise which will produce food from the air or from the sea, instead of from the earth by old fashioned methods of agriculture. Atomic energy or new electrical appliances may solve some of the problems of life, and enable us to do without eating, but what is more likely is that before five hundred years, man’s passion for making war will have reduced the populations and solved the problem.

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