Paragraph on The Town in Which I Live

By | May 18, 2018


  • My home town of Karachi has a long history.
  • The climate is good, the rains are not too heavy. There are good schools and fine hospitals.
  • The population is cosmopolitan, with many types.

I live in the town of Karachi which is almost a continuation of Jangshahi. But though it is difficult to say where one town stops and the other begins, they are really different in nature and in the atmosphere. Karachi is, modern, looking forward. It has something of olden days, an atmosphere of ancient history about its streets and minarets.

Karachi is a town of more than 20 lac of inhabitants. In the broad and well-kept streets, you will meet Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Europeans. You will hear many languages of the world but mostly Urdu. Well-furnished and stocked shops adorn the main streets. The roads are beautifully made, smooth and level. Fine motor cars and bullock-carts pass along them. The old and the new meet in the streets of Karachi.

Outside the town is a beautiful sheet of water. On summer evenings, it is a pleasure to go out in a sailing or rowing boat. A strong bund of stone, contains the water of the tank, which is utilised for the Karachi electrical works, as well as for other growing industries. Deep green mango trees line the roads, and in summer the blaze of the gold-mohur trees makes Karachi a place of delight and beauty. But away from the roads, there are many bare rocks and isolated boulders, showing that here, as elswhere in Pakistan carelessness has allowed the soil to erode and the surface of the earth to become damaged.

The town is blessed with some excellent schools and colleges. There are many fine schools for boys and girls. There is a first-class hospital, which was named in memory of Quaid-i-Azam and it provides beds and first-class medical attendance for many hundreds of sufferers. The railway has extensive workshops in the suburbs, while, out of the city the barracks left by the British are to be seen, beautifully built and equipped and capable of holding a division of troops.

The citizens of Karachi are justly proud of their town, and claim, with considerable pride, that in amenities and living conditions it can compare with any other town-ship in the world.

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