Paragraph on An Imaginary Journey to Moon

By | May 19, 2018


  • Introduction.
  • Preparation for the journey.
  • Experience on the way to the Moon.
  • Life. on reaching the moon.
  • Conclusion.

“Japanese book plots on the Moon,” “Russia fires its first rocket on the Moon,” “Yuri Gagarin comes back after his first trip round the earth in a spaceship,” “John Shepherd recounts his tale of adventure about his journey into space.” As I read these and other news items in the Universal Times my mind was getting filled with the idea of becoming the first man to land on the moon. I was sick of the commonplace’ of everyday routine and I was on the lookout for some adventure that would give me both romance and wealth. At that very moment my eyes caught sight of an advertisement.

“Wanted volunteers for the first human trip to Moon.” I was thrilled and my joy knew no bounds. I, immediately, offered myself and was accepted.

I was at the Moon-trip centre’s training camp. Brisk preparations were going on. We were being told what to do in the course of the journey and how to adjust ourselves on reaching the moon. All were looking forward to Saturday when the first flight was to be made.

Saturday came and with it the air of expectancy and thrill. A . huge red-colored rocket was brought to the launching sight. The nose cone of the rocket held a sphere of aluminum, I went up and entered this sphere through a door that slammed airtight behind me. I was strapped on to my seat. I had oxygen ready into my breathing apparatus. There was highly concentrated food stored for my journey.[the_ad id=”17141″]

A bang! A crash! I was up in the air moving at a terrific rate. At first the jerk and the jolt made me senseless. It appeared that life had left me. But then, gradually, I came back to my ownself. The impact of the jerk and jolt had smashed. It appeared that I had risen from my sleep. I was wide awake. I did not feel at all that the vehicle was moving. I was feeling extremely light. My feeding apparatus was well in its position. Now realized that I was in the space. I had moved out of the area of earth’s gravitation. I immediately removed the blinds from my window. Oh, how majestic was the view outside! I was sailing in the garden of stars and brilliant light. The sight was so enchanting thåt I felt this must be the Heaven. My mind was working actively. Numerous ideas were cropping up and were being relayed over the wireless on to the earth. I was lost in my dreams when something struck my head as if somebody had reminded me of my duty.

Another slump and a jerk! My ship had come to a stop. I, now, knew that the ship had landed on the moon. I was waiting for the door to open and it opened. As it opened I felt the sweet sensation of lightness taking a grip over me and the next moment I was out on the surface of the moon. The arrival was reported to the earth. The whole place around me was glistening white with snow on top of the mountains. As far as the eyes could go, I found the surface broken into a series of ridges and valleys. The sides of the ridges were overgrown with a strange type of lichen. But the whole place was extremely quiet. Moving slow, there was no wind and no atmosphere. There was no activity. I now wanted to move about and see for myself how the land was.[the_ad id=”17142″]

But as I had moved one step I was on top of a ridge. It seemed as if something was driving me on. The body had become so light that one step took me over several furlongs. I looked up and saw two moons or suns shining in the sky. I thought one was the sun and the other was the earth. How big it was! How bright was it shining! Then I looked around and was taken aback to find a whole army marching towards me. They mere little creatures coming out of a hole on the surface; they were the inhabitants of the moon. Hardly six inches in height they appeared from a distance-no bigger than ants. I remembered Gulliver in Lilliput. They were carrying something in their hands. Those were the crowbars. When they came near I found that their crowbars were made of gold. I thought that now I would be soon rich. I will carry back to the earth to my home-all gold from the moon. This idea filled my heart with cheer and as I tụrned my head I was terrified by a smoke screen. Was that ́a volcano erupting on a rainbow slitting? Yes, it was a volcano but what about those creatures? Where had they gone? I was wondering when I heard a mild uproar. They were behind me. They had come to welcome their guest and they had brought gold and everything about them was golden.

I was the richest man. I could take all the gold I wanted. I moved my hands to gather the gold brought by them. There was a crash and a fall. Somebody was knocking me about. Oh, it was the voice of my mother. Had I reached home? I opened my eyes; I was in my bed. Mother was rebuking me for breaking the time piece which had fallen to the ground being struck by the movement of my hand where was all that gold? When did I come back from the moon? Was it a reality or a dream?

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