Short Paragraph on the Almighty Rupee

By | April 1, 2018

What people call magic” is really embodied in the word ‘rupee.’ Oh! what a great power it has! Cynics and recluses may spurn it, philosophers may sneer at it, religious men may condemn it as evil incarnate, but their opposition is based on ignorance. They have not come face to face with it. Its power is undoubtedly resistless. How bright it looks! Even the little infant is charmed by it and stretches out its tiny hand to grasp it. The joy it gives is indescribable, and the pang it causes us, can be compared with the grief of separation from a dear friend. A laborer, who earns it at the end of the day’s labor, knows its value, and when he places it. in the hands of his wife, who dangles it before the eyes of her children, it augments the stock of happiness at every stage.

A Persian poet has well said, ‘Oh God, thou art not God, but by God, thou art the satisfier of all needs, and the cover of our all faults.

The temptation it offers to the mind is great. It corrupts the saint in an instant and tempts justice away from the right path. The thief is waiting for it, the gentleman is longing for it, and even the saint who affects disdain for it will not mind having it.

The work of the world goes on with it, and for it. Who would like to serve another but for its sake? All activities would stop, all civilization would come to an end if this rupee were not in existence to urge, men on.

It is indeed literally true that money” makes the mare going US. Such a mighty power surely should not be abused or wasted. Robberies and thefts, corruption and sin, to which the rupee leads, and on account of which it is condemned, are all traceable to its wrong use. Use it well, and it will confer happiness on and promote the well-being of mankind. Use it ill, and it will lead to the spread of vice, and all the evils and misery which follow from it.

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