Short Paragraph on Technical Education

By | April 21, 2018

The paragraph on Technical Education (400 Words)


  • The shortcomings of academic education.
  • The remedy.
  • Necessary for industrializing the country.
  • A solution of the problem of unemployment.
  • Progress of a country.

It was Macaulay’s idea to impart education to Indian boys and to produce clerks, required for the Government Officers. In spite of the remarkable political awakening amongst Indians, the Indian Universities have unfortunately continued to be very faithful to the original idea of Macaulay and they continue to pour out’ an ever increasing supply of clerks even now. Fortunately we have come to realize that the academic, clerical or literary education given in our schools and colleges is not the only kind of education. The evil is much deeper. Our universities not only produce clerks, but also fill these clerks with a contempt for any kind of manual or technical work. They producly feel that those who have brains need not use their hands. As a result of this, Pakistani industry is starved and we find Pakistani markets flooded with all sorts of cheap foreign goods.

They remedy for this is to impress upon the minds of young boys and girls a love for manual work and secondly to give them the necessary training for it. They should be trained for doing all technical works as weaving, spinning, mechanical or civil engineering, agriculture, etc. For this purpose, separate schools and colleges should be opened, wherein after a little theoretical knowledge, students may have ample training in practical work and experiments.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The present age is an age of machines. Science has made rapid progress. The impossible of yesterday is made possible to-day. Each only it tries to meet its own requirements but also tries to exploit foreign markets. Under the circumstances, the cry of industrializing. Pakistan deserves immediate attention. If Pakistan is to be turned into an industrial country, technical education is absolutely necessary.

If students are given technical education, they would get employment in any industry. Some may be employed in mills, some in any industry. Some may be employed in missal, some in frms and some in factories. Thus technical education would solve the problem of unemployment, and save many unemployed young men from the mouth of death.

Above all, the industries of the country would advance and national wealth would stop flowing into foreign countries. Pakistan has got plenty of men and materials. It is only the training that is required. Without this training in practical arts and sciences, there is no salvation for the country.

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The paragraph on Technical Education (500 Words)

In the present day of keen competition and hard struggle, general education is found to be sadly insufficient to procure for man his livelihood. The number of men with general education is legion and all the various departments where these men can be provided are literally packed. Even the learned professions, such as legal, medical and engineering, are overcrowded and there is no hope even there. The unemployment problem, therefore, is growing keener and keener every day and unrest and discontent are daily gaining ground.

How can these difficulties be removed.? From the study of the prevailing conditions, it appears that technical education alone is able to solve the bread problem to a considerable extent.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Technical education is the education which trains a person in one of the different practical and useful arts such as carpentry, weaving, pottery, agriculture and similar other things. The training of technical education gives us not merely a theoretical one but is based purely on a practical and scientific basis, so that who receive this sort of training to become thoroughly practical men. It is not necessary for them to hanker after service, for by virtue of the education they have received they can start an independent business. In this way, technical education helps to remove unemployment.

Further, technical education is necessary to train up the artisans that are already there. Pakistani artisans being, as a rule without education of any sort, follow age-long methods with regard to different crafts they pursue. They have neither the capacity nor the intention to improve their methods of work and these being rather out of date in these days of rapid advancement, they can neither produce things of high excellence nor can they compete with the same articles of foreign manufacture. Technical education aiming at teaching the scientific principles on which the various arts are based enables those who receive this education to carry out up to date improvement and make their production cheap. Technical education thus develops and improves indigenous trade.

In spite of the immense value of technical education, the attitude of educated people towards it is not what it should be. To undergo a course of technical training, it is essential that manual work should be undertaken. Educated people, being given to ease and comfort and having a false sense of prestige, feel ashamed to do anything by hand and hence their disinclination towards technical education of any sort. They would starve rather than engage themselves in this. Such is their mentality. But, happily enough, the acuteness of the bread problem at the present day has changed the state of things and many educated people are now going in for technical education. It is high time that people should take more and more interest in technical education to make our country strong technically and economically.

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