Short Paragraph on Kabaddi (330 Words)

By | April 19, 2018

Kabaddi is a rural game played in Punjab. It gives good exercise in running and breathing. It is played in the open. A line is drawn. One party takes one side and the other takes the other side. The number of players on either side is not fixed, but it may be ten or twelve. A player from one side goes to the other side, shouting “Kabaddi, Kabaddi” at the top of his voice, and runs after his opponents who try to evade his touch.

As long as he can go on shouting “Kabaddi” without any pause for breathing, he has a right to remain in the invaded territory and those whom he touches are declared “out”, or dead, as they ate called. But if he loses his breath, while still in the enemy camp, and himself then touched by one of his opponents, he will go out himself. When his turn is over, he will try to run back to his side, if he as not been “out” and will be promptly followed by one of the other side shouting “Kabbadi”. Thus the game will go on with attack and counter-attacks till all the players of one side are out. The other side will then win.

The game is very popular with the village people, but it is not well organized. Its rules also vary from place to place. The game causes considerable excitement and amusement, and require skill on the part of the players. One great point in favour of the game is Frontier districts and is very dangerous. In this game, there are two combatants, one runs after the other and tries to catch him as he can, and gives him a hard blow on the chest, which some time proves fatal.

Just like other games, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. It keeps our body healthy and smart. It is a good way to exercise. The people who play it, are very strong and sturdy. It improves the health of the people.

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