Short Paragraph on Disarmament

By | April 23, 2018

The foremost issue in international affairs today is the fear of another war. Whether we can avert war and bring about lasting peace to the world depends on whether the nation of the world are prepared in all sincerity to stop their mad race for armaments. The question of disarmament has become all the more urgent with the coming on the world scene. of the atom and hydrogen bombs. If another war comes, it will be a total war, which may well bring utter destruction to the world and ruin the proud structure of modern civilization. We are told that there is no effective protection against the hydrogen bomb and the millions of people may be killed by a single explosion, and many more injured. Many more will be condemned to slow death or live under the shadow of the fear of disease.

Many eminent people have warned the world of the dreadful features of the hydrogen bomb. Prof. Einstein said: “Radio-active poisoning of the atmosphere, and hence an annihilation of life on earth, has been brought within the range of technical possibilities. “Lester Pearson, former Canadian Prime Minister, said recently that a third world war accompanied by the possible devastation hy new atomic and chemical weapons would destroy civilization.” The former Soviet Prime Minister, Khrushchev, said that a modern war, with such weapons, would mean total destruction.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Unless, therefore, there is general disarmament, with a pledge that such weapons will never be sued; the human race is in great danger. In spite of the common knowledge that another war will mean total destruction of the victor and defeated, the Great Powers still persist in arming themselves to the teeth. The result is that an atmosphere of fear is created which may any day lead to war. Huge amounts are being spent on deference in the vain hope of national safety and crushing the opponent. The existence of military pacts adds to the mutual fear.

The arms race today is costing the world and annual bill running into astronomical figures. There are about two crore men under arms. The arms include nuclear weapons and the missiles to carry them. It has been estimated by an organization in the U.S.A. that if the arms race goes on the world will soon be spending about $2,000,000 million on arms alone. America and Russia will be contributing about one-third of this. This will be a huge waste, such as has not been known since the building of the Pyramids in Egypt. By disarming, this money an be put to much useful purpose for the good of the world.

In the next war, lethal weapons will be sued from the very beginning. Obviously, wars are not now fought for women as it was in olden days. Now they are fought for the achievement of certain objectives and not for mere destruction. At present the U.S.A. and Russia had been deadlocked over SALT and disarmament proposals for the last 20 years. Countless conferences have taken place with very little result.

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